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VIDEO - Motorcycle Reconstruction

video iconAnother great slow motion video from Australia's Transport Accident Commission (TAC). The public education campaign targets two of Victoria's biggest issues in road safety -- motorcycle safety and speed. The campaign, titled "Reconstruction", features a slow motion replay of a crash involving a motorcyclist and a car.

Q&A - Flashing high brake light?

motorcycleIs it legal to install a module that would cause only the high, centre mounted brake light to flash 5 times in the first second, twice in the second second and then stay on for the remainder of the brake peddle application? The operation of the two other brake lights would not be affected by the module.

Q&A - Rules for Mounting of Lights?

motorcycleI'm just looking for some information on motorcycles.

Is there a certain distance apart the front and rear signal lights have to be apart, as well as off the ground (how high)? I believe the signals have to be two separate units apart from the head lamps, or tail lamps correct?

Q&A - Motorcycle Seating Requirements

motorcycleJust reading up on the new impoundment rules and was looking for something that shows me how the law is applied as far as "improper seating". Is this applicable to motorcycles only? If so, I must presume that it's intent is to diminish some of the "stunting" I've witnessed.

VIDEO - Motorcycle Safety: Put Yourself in Their Shoes

video iconTAC Victoria's 'Vice Versa' campaign was first launched in 2002 and is aimed at car drivers highlighting the vulnerability of motorcyclists and the need to be more aware and actively look for them on the road. The campaign depicts a rider in everyday traffic conditions and a car driver who is attempting to change lanes.

Q&A - Modifying a Motorcycle

Q&A ImageI am wondering if you can let me know about a few things about building a 400cc or less Japanese chopper. (cheap insurance less than 401cc):

Q&A - Reserved Lane Use

Bicycle Lane SignI have been driving home on Rupert Street in Vancouver lately and there are some lane markings I am not clear about. Between 12th ave and about Kingsway there is a narrow right hand lane that has a bicycle and a white diamond, there is no other signage.

My question is: Are motorcycles allowed to use this lane (because they regularly do)?

VIDEO - Rock the Gear

Video iconRock the Gear Inc. is a national, not-for-profit organization that focuses on motorcycle safety apparel education and provides a community of support for those who want to learn more and/or become involved. Brittany Morrow is the President and founder, this is her story:

Q&A - Pushing Me To Go Faster

motorcycleI was on a motorcycle trip a few years ago with a friend , and was riding about 10 km/h faster on a two lane highway and cars were still pushing me to go faster. There was a solid line so no passing as well there were also curves to consider. The shoulder was loose gravel and for me to pull over each time the cars formed a pack behind me I would slow down and pull off to let them go.

MOTORCYCLES - Getting Licenced

Vancouver Island Motorcycle SchoolFor as long as I've known people that were nearly old enough to acquire a license I've been hearing the same things over and over again. It doesn't seem to matter how young or old someone is, almost all of them will offer up the fact that they are "really good drivers".

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