Information related to motorcycles.

CASE LAW - R. v Weighill

BC Courts Coat of ArmsA motorcycle rider decides to try and beat the yellow light and pulls out to pass other traffic that is stopping for the yellow reaching an estimated speed of 130 to 140 km/h in the posted 90 km/h zone. The driver of an oncoming car, observing traffic stopping, begins to turn left.

MOTORCYCLES - Riding at Night

Vancouver Island Motorcycle SchoolI do a lot of night riding, and with the days being as short as they are, I'm doing a bit more every week. At this time of year when it's dark on the island there is also a good chance it's going to be raining too, and if not, it's going to be cold enough that traction will be significantly reduced.

MOTORCYCLES - The Brake Light

There is one part of a motorcycle that has no reason for existing except for making you safer, and yet most people don't seem to think about it, and hardly ever use it. As we know, car drivers know nothing about motorcycles. Most of them have no idea about the effectiveness of engine braking on bikes. Most of them have actually never even considered anything about motorcycles at all, not even enough to think about avoiding killing us.

MOTORCYCLES - Lane Position

Vancouver Island Motorcycle SchoolI hear a lot of people talk about lane position as if there are rules set in stone and there is only one dominant lane position. The standard agreement is that the left third of the lane is Position 1, the center of the lane is Position 2, and the right third of the lane is Position 3.

Vehicle Impoundment as a Penalty

Tow TruckThe use of vehicle impoundment as part of an array of penalties to discourage improper driving behaviour will expand significantly when amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act become law on September 20, 2010. In every case the cost of the impoundment will be the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.

Limited Speed Motorcycles on the Highway Shoulder

Limited Speed MotorcycleI applaud the green attitude of those people who ride a limited speed motorcycle (LSM) for their trips on BC highways. Surely their carbon footprint is a lot lighter than my own. That and their wallet will be heavier as these motorcycles are economical to buy, license and operate.

MOTORCYCLES - It's All Your Fault!

This is something I've been telling people for a long time, but have been hesitant to put it in type for people who don't know me to read, and perhaps take the wrong way, even though it's something I feel very strongly about.

VIDEO - The Ride

VideoThis television commercial from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) of Victoria, Australia complements their existing campaign that encourages riders to wear protective clothing at all times. It is meant to make riders aware of their extreme vulnerability on the road.

Modulating Motorcycle Headlights

MotorcycleConspicuity is an important word in any motorcycle rider's vocabulary. Being seen by other road users is a must to avoid being involved in a collision. One method of increasing a motorcycle's conspicuity is through the use of a modulating headlamp.


Vancouver Island Motorcycle SchoolWhen we ride there are quite a few things that we have to do that are counter intuitive. Anyone that has ridden a two wheeled vehicle more than a couple feet quickly learned to counter steer, even if they never realized they were doing it.

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