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Information regarding driver & vehicle safety systems and equipment.

VIDEOS - AARP Driver Safety on Vehicle Safety Technologies

video iconThe American Association of Retired Persons Driver Safety has teamed up with The Hartford and the MIT AgeLab to create a collection of ten short videos to explain safety technologies that are starting to appear in new vehicles. If you are shopping for a new vehicle the videos may make it easier for you to decide what you need to buy as an option or what you need to do more in depth research on before you commit to purchase.

Child Restraint in Taxis

Booster SeatI haven't been a grandpa for long, but little children are suddenly interesting for me again. They seem to catch my attention more easily and this was the case a few days ago while I was driving in Nanaimo. The little boy involved was sitting on his mother's lap while they rode in the back seat of a taxi.

VIDEO - Motorcycle ABS Demonstration

video iconIt will only take 14 seconds to watch this split screen video demonstration of ABS braking by two motorcycles on wet pavement. Chances are good that those 14 seconds will convince you that ABS is a must have on your next motorcycle if you don't have it already.

CASE LAW - R v Stein

BC Courts Coat of ArmsOne exemption from having to wear a seatbelt during normal operation of a motor vehicle is when one is a delivery driver who travels at 40 km/h or less and makes frequent stops. The Motor Vehicle Act does not define what the term "frequent stops" means. In this case, Judicial Justice H. W. Gordon examines the exemption, defines what he accepts frequent stops to be and convicts Mr. Stein. He also suggests that the legislature should revisit the law and include a definition so that drivers may be certain of the restriction.

RESOURCE - Brain on Board

Brain LogoToday's vehicles are very complex machines that I'm willing to bet few of us read the operator's manual for. The active and passive safety systems in them can do a better job of protecting us if we understand how they work. The Brain on Board web site is full of written and video information to help you become comfortable with all of the high tech safety systems in your vehicle.

VIDEO - How to Adjust Your Head Restraint

video iconThis short video from ICBC shows you how to properly adjust your head restraint. A Canadian study on headrest use, funded by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), found that only 14 per cent of Canadian drivers (more women than men) had their headrests adjusted in the 'good' position.

Q&A - Adult Passenger Not Wearing Seatbelt - Who Gets the Ticket?

Q&A ImageIf I am the driver of a motor vehicle and I have an adult passenger who refuses to wear their seat belt and I operate such vehicle Who will recieve the ticket if the party in question has no valid drivers license and has no Formal ID??

READING - Vision Zero International, January 2013

Vision Zero International LogoThis edition of Vision Zero International looks at air bags, augmented reality information systems and driver distraction, reducing interface demands through type face design and other news on how technology in our vehicles will reduce the possibility of a crash.

Seatbelt Exemption for Delivery Drivers

Q&A ImageI have a question regarding the seatbelt exemption sometimes referred to as the `Milkman Exemption.` My understanding is that it applies to drivers who make multiple vehicle stops and exits within a confined area (i.e. one street or a bay or boulevard) as they are not in general traffic and never get going very fast (exemption requires 40kmh or lower).

Q&A - Old Car - No Seatbelts - Children

Q&A Image
We have a 1956 Ford Victoria, no seatbelts of course. I know it is legal for us to not have seatbelts on, but what about kids who are of the age that they no longer need a booster seat? Can we legally take them out in the car? Our grandsons are always wanting to go for a ride, and we say no as we do not have seat belts. What do you have to say about this?

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