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Information regarding driver & vehicle safety systems and equipment.

VIEWPOINT - Daytime Running Lights

SoapboxDaytime running lights have been mandatory for vehicles in Canada since 1990. It appears many drivers and vehicle dealers are not aware of this requirement. Having driven thousands of kilometers over the last 40 years I know that DRL can help prevent accidents particularly on poor light and rainy conditions.

VIDEO - Julie Knew Her Killer

video iconNo one rides in my vehicle unless they are wearing their seatbelt. I've actually investigated a death in a collision like this one. The forces of the rear seat passenger coming forward were enough to tear the front passenger seat out of the floor of the vehicle in addition to causing or contributing to the death of the woman seated in it.

RESOURCE - Electronic Stability Control

Transport Canada LogoBeginning this month, all passenger cars, multi-purpose vehicles, trucks and buses with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 4536 kg or less manufactured in Canada will have to be equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

VIDEO - Rock the Gear

Video iconRock the Gear Inc. is a national, not-for-profit organization that focuses on motorcycle safety apparel education and provides a community of support for those who want to learn more and/or become involved. Brittany Morrow is the President and founder, this is her story:

Q&A - When Should My Child Ride in the Front Seat?

Q&A ImageIs there an age restriction for children sitting in the front seat? My child is 11 and always sits in the back, but at what age can he sit in the front without harm from the airbag, etc?

Q&A - Child Restraints in a Rental RV

Q&A ImageI am renting an RV to vacation in Alberta and BC with 2 kids: 26 kg and 16kg. I have received mixed messages and am unclear if they require child/booster seats in the RV. Please advise me.

ADVICE - Cross Your Safety Chains!

Boat TrailerI'm not sure if you'd call it a 'positive subject' but I don't remember in my 75 years (56 as a driver) reading much about safety chains on trailers.... Lot's of drivers these days are towing little domestic trailers around, moving garden refuse, furniture, dirt bikes and other 'stuff' from A to B...

Q&A - Passenger Won't Wear a Seatbelt

Q&A ImageMy mother is a rather large woman who has gotten larger due to medical causes...she also has a phobia of being confined as a result of a seatbelt not releasing and being trapped for quite a bit of a result it is very difficult to get her to agree to put on a seatbelt when we take her to various doctors appointments...

NEWS - Use of Alternative Traction Devices

MOTI BannerIn January 2011 CVSE announced that an alternative to conventional tire chains was now being allowed in British Columbia for commercial vehicles. The bulletin said that the use of pneumatic automatically deployed tire chains for commercial vehicles will fulfill the requirements of section 208 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

NEWS - Federal Government Backs Down on Child Seat Regulation Implementation

Transport Canada New LogoWhen the federal government implemented new standards for Child Seats in the Motor Vehicle Restraint Systems and Booster Seats Safety Regulations the manufacturers had until January 1, 2011 to comply. This deadline has now been extended to December 31, 2011.

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