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Information regarding driver & vehicle safety systems and equipment.

RESOURCE - Seat Belt and Child Restraint Guide for Policymakers

WHO LogoThis manual was produced as a practical manual for policymakers by the FIA Foundation, the Global Road Safety Partnership, the World Bank and the World Health Organization providing advice to public authorities on introducing laws and improving seat belt compliance. It also contains information of interest on how these devices work in addition to why we should be using them.

RESOURCE - Child Restraint Public and Consumer Information Notices

Transport Canada New LogoTransport Canada publishes two types of notices with regard to child restraints on their web site. A Public Notice is issued when products do not comply with safety standards or are defective and a Consumer Information Notice is issued when there is a general problem with a restraint that does not relate to compliance or defect.

VIDEO - Electronic Stability Control

ESC LogoElectronic Stability Control (ESC) is a technology that should be standard on all vehicles. The system compares the driver's intended direction of travel with the actual travel of the vehicle many times per second. If they do not match, selective braking is applied to force the vehicle back to the intended path, averting a collision.

RESOURCE - Child Passenger Safety

Safe Kids Canada LogoThe Parachute Canada (was Safe Kids Canada) web site has a good collection of information on child safety, including their protection while riding in a motor vehicle. In particular, an on line video that illustrates the benefits of child restraint use. The web site points out that almost 70 children die in motor vehicle crashes each year in Canada and two are hospitalized due to crash injuries every day. Visit and learn!

VIDEO - Want to Fight?

VideoNo one does traffic safety videos quite like the Australians. In this 30 second television ad you learn the value of wearing a seatbelt. Like it says at the end, no belt, no brain!

NEWS - School Buses Equipped with White Strobe Lamps

School BusWe could soon see white strobe lights mounted on the roof of school buses in B.C. Standards allow for a white strobe to be mounted on the center of the roof on the rear third of the vehicle. It is meant to provide increased visibility and may be operated in fog or when the bus is stationary.


VIDEO - 3 Technologies You Can't do Without

VideoCourtesy of YouTube and the Discovery Channel, this video highlights ABS, Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control and their ability to help you maintain control of your vehicle on ice. They are vehicle options that you should not be without as the two automakers identified in the video estimate that ESC alone can reduce your chances of collision from 30 to 50%.

READING - Seatbelts on the School Bus

school busI am often asked why school buses are manufactured without seatbelts. We are all accustomed to using them in our cars and know that they are a significant factor in reducing injury or death in a collision. If this is the case, shouldn't our children have the same benefit when they are bused to and from school?


Paralympic skier Brad Lennea describes how not wearing his seatbelt on a road trip changed his life forever, while Kristina Marrington of ICBC Driver Licensing explains exactly how seatbelts can reduce your chance of injuries in a crash.

NEWS - Driving Without Doors

car without doorsCommercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement has received numerous complaints and enquiries regarding vehicles operating on the highway without the driver and / or passenger door(s) in place. Reports most commonly identify certain makes and models of Jeep as some of these vehicles have side doors that may be easily removed. Any vehicle operating on the highway without doors represents a serious safety concern for the occupants as side intrusion protection and passenger containment would be compromised in the event of a collision.

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