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If You Were Responsible for Traffic Safety

SoapboxThe aim of traffic enforcement is not to raise revenue for the government. Too often I hear the words "cash grab" in relation to traffic tickets. Like it or not, this is our current system for attempting to dissuade drivers from practicing behaviours that put themselves or others at risk on our highways.

Nuisance Lights

LED SignLights, without a doubt the subject that generates the greatest number of requests for DriveSmartBC articles. We've looked at almost every kind of light connected with the operation of a vehicle or cycle on a highway in British Columbia, so it's time to widen our view to the roadside. Have you been blinded by the light emitted by newer LED advertising signs?

Skateboarders in Traffic

SkateboardA teen stepped off of the sidewalk as I approached, hopped onto his skateboard and began to weave slightly along the curb in front of my vehicle. He either trusted me with his life or had not given much thought to his own as he was far enough into the lane to be a hazard and had his back to overtaking traffic. I had to slow and crowd the center lane to get by.

Q&A - Problems with Designated Inspection Facilities

Q&A Imagei recently had my truck inspected at a government shop and had a few compaints and concerns with the people at the  counter not knowing answers to my questions and them actually giving me false information about driving my truck during the inspection process.

Q&A - Drinking in a Motorhome

Q&A ImageI was wondering about drinking in a motor home and its legality. I understand that definition of motor home from the Motor Vehicle Act. I further understand that a person must not drive or otherwise exercise control over the operation of a motor vehicle. The law states that alcohol can be in a motor home but the liquor must be kept in a cabinet away from the driver's area.

Stay Home!

Winter StormWe've had some interesting weather in southwestern British Columbia over the last few days! It's included some less than ideal driving conditions due to ice, snow and rain, often in combination. A common bit of advice heard in the media is "if you don't have to travel, stay home!" Does anyone heed this advice?

RESOURCE - Legal Rights for Youth: Driving

Legal Rights for YouthThe Legal Rights for Youth web site is a project of the Justice Education Society. One of the resources on the site outlines driving laws and highlights some of the legal problems you may face once you obtain your driver's licence. While the topics don't go into signifcant depth, they do serve to highlight for new drivers the significant responsibility that they now face as licenced drivers.

How to Build a Highway

MOTI BannerThe more that I learn about how to construct one of BC's highways, the more I see how complicated that job really is.

Q&A - Recording the Public Driving on the Highway

Q&A ImageI have this cool little camera called a Go Pro, it is very tiny and you can attach it to anything you want (your surf board, mountain bike, car, etc.) It's waterproof and apparently bulletproof as well (not that I'll be needing that).

Q&A - Pollution

Q&A ImageWhy is it that people can still drive our streets in vehicles puking out pollution? Isn't there laws against this? If so please contact the owner of BC plate [deleted] and ask to get the thing repaired. Not fair to be trapped behind one of these and have to breathe in the stench!

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