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Q&A - Let's Make a Deal

Q&A ImageI read through your "How to deal with a violation ticket" and came across your opinion that an offender can contact the enforcement officer directly and talk to him about other remedial options like driver training at a driving school to turn a negative thing into a positive reinforcement to become a better driver.

NZEVs in My Neighbourhood

NZEV SignI saw a new sign beside the road in my neighbourhood last week: NZEV Zone Begins. This means that I might now encounter Net Zero Emission Vehicles in my local travels. Also known as Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) or Neighbourhood Vehicles, these electric vehicles are designed to operate at speeds of 40 km/h or less.

NZEVs are vehicles that bear a national safety mark issued by Transport Canada. They must meet minimum safety levels which include: headlights, turn signal lamps, mirrors, parking brake, glazing requirements for a windshield and have seat belt assemblies present. Finally, there is the maximum speed capability of 40 km/h.

VIDEO - How to Clean Your Windshield

video iconMy windshield seems to have two visible areas, the one swept by the wipers and all the rest. You can clearly see them when you look across it at an angle. I've never been able to really clean the glass so that it is the same overall. I found this video and it seems to be the OCD Guide to Cleaning Glass, but I want to give it a try. Being able to see well, especially in bad weather, is critical to safe driving.

Q&A - Inspection Facilities & Tire Inflation

Q&A ImageI operate a 14 Passenger 2012 Ford Econoline E350 Passenger Van, which is registered both as a Class 4 Driving School vehicle, and a Bus. Government Inspection rules appear strict (as they should be) for this type of vehicle, used in these circumstances; annual inspections for DTS vehicles under MVA(R), twice annual though for Passenger Transportation.

RESOURCE - Transportation Planning Blog

Surveyor AheadThis is a blog with great potential. It appears to be very recently created by a gentleman named Roy, a BC resident, and is intended to be a resource on transportation planning. Hopefully he will also blog about the transportation planning issues that he encounters in his job. This is the only BC based blog of its kind that I am aware of.

Q&A - Vehicles Billowing Smoke

Q&A ImageFrom time to time in Metro Vancouver I end up driving behind a vehicle that is billowing exhaust fumes that cause me to gag in my vehicle. This happened to me yesterday in Surrey BC when I was behind a red Honda Civic with a BC license plate.

I wrote down the date, time, location and vehicle make, model, colour and license plate.

Q&A - Need to Change Court Date - Again

Q&A ImageHow many times will the courts allow a case to be posponed?  I am fighting an elleged excessive speeding ticket.

My lawyer was unable to attend the first date due to scheduling conflict.  Now my lawyer has moved on and I need another lawyer.  Will the courts allow a second date to be posponed.  Next date is approx 1 month from now.

Q&A - Remove Handicapped Parking Permit When Driving

Q&A ImageI understood from the information when receiving my permit that it was against the law to drive with the permit hanging from the rear view mirror. I see so many people doing this and would like confirmation that this is not permitted.

Coloured Fuel

Gas NozzleIf you visit a service station in a farming area of BC you may see a fuel pump with the legend of marked or coloured fuel. Look a little closer and you will find the price to be lower than normal regular fuel. Don't be tempted to fill your tank with it unless you are specifically authorized to use coloured fuel as the penalties may be significant.

REPORT - Health Impacts of Traffic Mishaps and Opportunities for Road Safety

VIHA LogoBetween 2001 and 2008, more than 5,600 VIHA residents were hospitalized and 443 died a result of transport - related motor vehicle events. More people die at a young age from transport - related collisions involving motor vehicles than any other injury - related cause of death.

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