Scholarly information regarding some aspect of traffic safety.

RESEARCH - Driving While Fatigued

Truck TractorDriver fatigue is an important causal factor in many highway crashes—and is of particular concern in the trucking industry where many operators undertake long haul drives with limited amounts of sleep. Previous studies suggest that fatigue can affect steering performance and speed control.

RESEARCH - British Columbia Roadside Survey 2008

CCSA Logo"A random survey of drivers was conducted at pre-selected locations in British Columbia from Wednesday to Saturday nights in June 2008. The purpose was to collect information on the prevalence of alcohol and drug use among nighttime drivers. Those surveyed were asked to provide a voluntary breath sample to measure their alcohol use and an oral fluid sample to be tested subsequently for the presence of drugs."

RESEARCH - Driving While Ill is Impairing

Lloyd's TSB LogoLloyd's TSB Insurance commissioned a study that suggests driving with a cold or the flu can impair a driver by up to 11%, comparable to having consumed a double of hard liquor. A single sneeze lasts about 2 seconds, during which the driver's eyes are closed.

RESEARCH - IIHS Status Report December 2008

IIHS LogoThe December 27, 2008 edition of the IIHS Status Report examines the relationship between the legal drinking age and the crash rate of younger drivers. It also looks at the diminishing involvement of senior drivers in fatal crashes, how road markings alerting drivers approaching stop signs can reduce crashes and new small car crash ratings.

RESEARCH - Safety Impact of Speed Limiter Devices

Truck TractorSpeed limiters or governors, are devices that control a vehicle engine to only permit reaching a pre-programmed maximum speed. The limited response to this study suggests that limiters reduce the occurrence of crashes, save fuel and reduce tire wear.

RESEARCH - Criminals and Road Safety

MUARC LogoResearchers at the Monash University Accident Research Center (MUARC) have looked at the relationship between the criminal activity of individuals and the potential for their involvement in fatal or serious injury collisions. Not surprisingly, they found that those who engage in anti-social behaviour are also likely to exhibit risky driving behaviour.


RESEARCH - IIHS Status Report November

IIHS LogoThis edition of the IIHS Status Report looks at the top safe vehicle picks for 2009, the fact that wildlife collisions increase in November, the new rule for seatbelts on school buses in the US and the rising motorcycle death toll.

RESEARCH - Effectiveness of Behavioral Highway Safety Countermeasures

NCHRP LogoA significant part of highway safety program activities is devoted to behavioral countermeasures. These include the entire driver control system—from training and licensing to laws and enforcement and sometimes culminating in fines and sanctions.

RESEARCH - IIHS Status Report October 22, 2008

IIHS LogoThe latest from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:


RESEARCH - Use of Advanced In-Vehicle Technology by Younger and Older Early Adopters

AAA FTS logoThe AAA Foundation for Safety has released a report that explores drivers' experiences with backing aids (proximity sensing systems), rear-view video cameras, adaptive cruise control, advanced high-intensity discharge headlamps, and built-in vehicle navigation systems.

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