Information on specific vehicle equipment.

Pre and Post Trip Inspections

MechanicDo you drive a truck with a GVW over 5,000 kg, a bus, any vehicle required to have a Motor Carrier or Passenger Transportation licence or a business vehicle with a GVW over 5,000 kg? If so, you or a person designated by the carrier must insure that the vehicle is mechanically fit to drive. Unless you are making a multi-day trip, these inspections must be carried out at the start and the end of each day that the vehicle is being used.

The Ubilt Utility Trailer

Ubilt Utility TrailerThe quality of a home made utility trailer can range from factory perfect to I'm amazed that it is still following you. Licencing, lights and weight are the most common problems encountered by enforcement personnel at the roadside. With a little thought and knowledge you can pull that extra load around safely.

RESOURCE - Load Security Manual

Ratchet StrapThe Driver's Handbook on Cargo Securement is a guide to the North American cargo securement standard. While it is meant for commercial vehicle drivers it is equally useful to the drivers of light vehicles as well. Load security serves three purposes: keeping the load securely attached to the vehicle carrying it, preventing an escaping load from harming others and preventing an escaping load from harming the occupants of the vehicle carrying it.

READING - Vision Zero International

Vision Zero International LogoIn order to meet the goal of reducing crash deaths and injuries to zero, will we eventually remove the driver from the equation entirely and replace them with technology?

Reflecting on Reflectors

ReflectorsIt often went something like this: "I've stopped you because you don't have any reflectors." "But I have lights, I don't need reflectors!" "What happens if you are stranded at night and can't turn the lights on? Here's a repair order for your vehicle." "Don't you have anything better to do?"

Q&A - Driver's Window Winder

Q&A ImageI was pulled over today for no reason and after a long wait the officer gave me a Motor Vehicle Act infraction warning because my driver side window doesn't roll down. I have looked and I can not find this in the Motor Vehicle Act, is this really an infraction?

Q&A - Replacing Glass with Plastic

Q&A ImageLast time my mother in law visited from Alberta she took a rock which shattered her rear window of her car. After receiving an estimate from a local glass company she pled instead to cover the window with a piece of plastic (the glass shop did this for her). She is not financially able to have it repaired and now wants to come back for a visit with her car.

Q&A - Flashing high brake light?

motorcycleIs it legal to install a module that would cause only the high, centre mounted brake light to flash 5 times in the first second, twice in the second second and then stay on for the remainder of the brake peddle application? The operation of the two other brake lights would not be affected by the module.

Q&A - Rules for Mounting of Lights?

motorcycleI'm just looking for some information on motorcycles.

Is there a certain distance apart the front and rear signal lights have to be apart, as well as off the ground (how high)? I believe the signals have to be two separate units apart from the head lamps, or tail lamps correct?

VIDEO - Do It Yourself Headlight Lens Polishing

video iconThis video from 3M shows how the do-it-yourselfer can take a bit of time and their polishing kit and restore the clarity to plastic headlight lenses. Milky or badly yellowed lenses turn crystal clear again as your electric drill does all the work. This promotes properly focused light that helps you see properly again, likely far less expensively than buying new lenses!

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