Information on specific vehicle equipment.

Deer Whistles - Keep Your Money in Your Pocket

Deer WhistlesYou may have seen them, a pair of small whistles that you attach to your vehicle to scare deer away and prevent collisions with them. The intent is for the movement of your vehicle to force air through them and produce sound, or ultrasound that keeps deer off the highway and safely out of your path. The answer hasn't changed from the first time I wrote about this in the 1990's, keep your money in your pocket, they don't work.

RESOURCE - Bendix Brake School

Do you drive or service vehicles with air brake or electronic safety systems on board? The Bendix Brake School is a free resource that teaches how Bendix products work in these applications. While it is manufacturer specific, the information in general will apply to similar offerings by other companies.

Q&A - Working Driver Side Window

Q&A ImageMy driver-side window seems to have went out-of-guide: it opens and closes with a bit of effort on the motor and help by hand; so it seems best to leave it closed for the moment.

Q&A - HID Conversion Problems

Q&A ImageI currently drive a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee and was pulled over and given a notice of order for a VI.

Q&A - Bumper and Headlamp Heights

Q&A ImageWith all the off-road looking trucks on the road, I would like to know if there is a law regarding the height of bumpers and head lights on all vehicles. Some of these seem extremely dangerous in the event of an accident. The bumpers are at window height for most cars and the lights are blinding to other drivers at night.

Off Road Lamps

Off Road LampThere is little doubt in my mind that one of the most popular add on accessories for vehicles is some type of light. I was asked recently to comment by a visitor to the DriveSmartBC web site who said that he had noticed rectangular LED light bars in the bumpers and on the roofs of trucks and SUVs. While it is possible that some of these lamps are legal for use on the highway, many are not. The question is, how do you tell?

Q&A - Brakes on Boat Trailers

Q&A ImageI have a McGregor sailboat on a trailer, and many yeard ago the brakes rusted out (salt water) and I had to have them taken out in order to move. The rest of the trailer is quite sound. I was informed by people in the industry that I could still tow the trailer as as the boat is quite light and my towing vehicle is quite heavy duty.

PHOTOS OF CONCERN - Rotten Frame and Suspension

cameraOn July 4th, 2013 this vehicle was stopped near Sayward, B.C. The owner was quite upset that the vehicle was towed. Below is a picture of what was left of the rear spring shackle, the other side was no better. Also note the cracks in the frame. This was a 2003 Chevy S-10. The rest of the vehicle was in fair condition.

Q&A - Equipment Required for 14 Passenger Van

Q&A ImageI'm working on a construction site in Delta and we recently acquired a 14 Passenger Van/Bus to transport workers or employees from the site office to the job site. As per Worksafe BC, other than a Class 4 Licensed driver, the only thing we require is a Level 1 First Aid Kit (due to our proximity to hospital). I'm trying to find out what's required to be on board; in regards to safety equipment (ie.


cameraThe photo below shows a "C" shaped cutout in the frame rail of a 1/2 ton low rider pickup truck. The mouth of the "C" faces the rear axle, and was made to allow room for the axle to move up and down without striking the frame. The cutout significantly weakens the frame of the pickup and could result in the frame breaking while the vehicle was being driven.

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