BC Bad Driver of the Week 3

This driver cannot safely turn left onto a busy highway so rather than wait he turns into the oncoming left turn lane and then merges right. Compounding the problem is that virtually all traffic on the highway fails to slow to the posted 60 km/h limit, some not slowing from the previous 90 km/h limit at all.



I recognize that situation ...

... it's just a couple hundred meters south of the intersection of Highway 19 & Northwest Bay road.  Nutty situation, where the combination of a steep curve with a traffic light at the bottom changes traffic flow very suddenly - crap engineering, personified.

I've never understood why they even allow a left turn out of that side road at the gas station; it can only be done safely if there is virtually no cross traffic on Hwy 19 - but quite a few drivers elect to execute it the way the driver in the video did.  Not legal, but probably the safest option at times - so long as nobody coming up the hill is needing to use the left turn chute.  But then, if any vehicles were coming up the hill in any sort of close proximity, then they wouldn't ever move out.  Could be fixed by a concrete median easily enough, maybe even a 'No Left Turn' sign as well so that drivers won't try it.

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