POLL - Distracted Driving in British Columbia

Ipsos logoBritish Columbians recognize that texting or talking on a hand held cell phone while driving is a hazardous thing to do. Still, about one in six talk on a hand held cell phone and about one in ten text while driving. The rest of us say that we are irritated, angry, disappointed or worried when we see these people disregarding the law and our safety.


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distracted driving - electronic devices

Am totally on with the restriction on talking texting and driving.  What I have an issue with is that there are many drivers that do not have to comply with this .  Examples include police officers, ambulance drivers, firefighters, bus drivers, those using corded devices such s walkie talkies.  Delivery drivers receiving dispatch and multiple others.

It appears unusual that those driving much larger vehicles some at high speeds and bus drivers who have responsibility for so many lives .  Increasing risk of injury to themselves and other smaller vehicles are exempt from the rules.

I personally do not own a cell phone and find it annoying to see others using them while driving.  What I am opposed to is that there are rules for some and not for others.  The rules should apply to everyone. 

Oh and to be in accordance with the current law the cellphone device must be attached to your person or the vehicle.  Does anyone know that?? 

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