BC Bad Driver of the Week EP1186

Bad Driver SignHere is another aggressive driver who has to be first rather than wait his turn. This incident takes place where highway 19A merges onto highway 19 northbound at the north end of Nanaimo. This pickup driver swoops over the solid line separating the acceleration lane from the highway and immediately moves to the left most northbound lane traveling in excess of the speed limit. Behaviour like this makes it more difficult for drivers who do use the acceleration lane properly and want to move over to the left when it becomes legal to do so.



At least he had the sense ...

... to get out of the right hand lane immediately, so that he didn't foul up the vehicles ahead of him trying to merge safely and legally.

But it is a stupid move and all too common amongst the impatient drivers out there.

Oh I just hate it when people

Jump that logical queue. There is a great possibility that a side collision will occur in the left lane - because one cannot be looking left and right at the same time, and doing something unexpected is always a poor choice.

This happens quite often nowadays, but not around my drive - with a twin turbo sleeper - really makes them look silly when they floor their 5.7L 7,000lbs POS into the left lane only to find that their efforts are nowhere close to execute a pass on my car in the right lane that merged smoothly. OFC with all due care and attention on my part.

As the racers say: when someone is truly going fast, it seems that they are not fast at all. Smoothness is what driving is about, not squealing tires, rubber patches and jerky manoeuvrings.