BC's Bad Driver of the Week - 8605HL

BC's Bad Driver of the Week features BC licence 8605HL on Highway 19 in north Nanaimo. Both vehicles shown here are moving faster than the posted speed limit, but the red truck wants by. The car does not move over so the aggressive truck driver attempts to bulldoze the car out of the way by tailgating. When this does not succeed, or patience runs out, the truck driver passes without signal and less room than is comfortable for the action.



A ridiculous sense of entitlement.

What's really nuts (apart from the aggressive behaviour, because that pass could have been much more safely - and legally - achieved by a competent driver) is that judging by the traffic nobody is going to gain much advantage; it's pretty solid in both lanes, so probably between traffic light intersections (there are far too many of these on the Island in your area, where they should have built proper over/underpasses and ramps) and you can see that beyond the vehicle being overtaken there are a bunch more vehicles travelling at pretty much the same speed in the left lane.

And when traffic is travelling on a highway like this, there are no 'Slower Traffic Keep Right' signs, and there is no 'fast' lane; quite often, drivers intending to make a left turn from the highway just up the road a bit will need to make another move to the left - not onto an exit ramp to the right - to achieve it.

It always seems to me that drivers such as the moron in the red pickup truck, who are trying to travel fast, are the least equipped for it - because their eye lead time isn't nearly good enough for them to be moving at that speed, legal or not.

Keep Right except to Pass.

I find it interesting that the truck driver is considered the only villain here.Maybe the blue SUV had been doing this for the past 5 or 10 miles prior to the video.The truth is that there is little or no enforcement of the Law,keep right except to pass.Had the blue Suv done so,this situation would not have been present.Regarding signage ,there is not a sign for no littering visable on this particular stretch of highway.So is littering acceptable unless posted otherwise?All drivers are supposed to adhear to the laws of the road.People who pace along side other vehicles,and dont keep right are breaking the law,and creating a hazzard.It has nothing to do with the speed you are traveling at,it has to do with occupying a lane you shouldn"t be in, and impeding other traffic.If people want to drive faster than you in a two lane situation,let them.Thats what cops are for.Having said all that,both verhicles are guilty of multiple traffic infractions,and equal amounts of bad judgement.I just wish people would take a little pride in how they drive.There are 3 laws hardly ever enforced.Passing on the right,following too close, and keep right except to pass.Maybe an RCMP member can comment on why.

Keep right if you have plenty of room

Well, if the truck driver didn't have to speed, there wouldn't have any issues.  Every one drive under the posted limit and every one is safe.  The law doesn't make sense that I can not use the left lane while right lane is driving under the speed limit.  I also want to passe slower vehicle but just over 10 km/h above the posted limit.  But the aggressive drivers are always behind me flashing lights and tailgating me.  Now I can not concentrate on my driving because some one is tailgating me and I don't wan to drive past 10 km/h the posted speed limit and I don't have enough room on right but the tailgater doesn't think so and goes crazy passing me from my right.  These morons are the ones causing unsafe environment not me.  I just want to see the aggressive drivers going to the ditch!!!!!!!!



Hold it a moment!

You state that it's the law for drivers to keep right except to pass, even without signage obliging them to do so.

Simple question: Which law is that?  You'll find the Motor Vehicle Act here and the MVA Regulations here, in case you're not familiar with them.  

Because they're poorly indexed, I usually find that referring to MVA Regs Division 28 - Point System is helpful to find the relevant section. yes

Read it,and weep.

Under BCMVA sec150(1) pretty much say's it all

Even if it wasn't the law,the very basic fundamentals of driving ,revolve around ,merging traffic,exiting traffic,slower traffic ect.and basic principals of traffic safety, are based on accepted lane usage as such.Its also common courtesy to get out of someone's way in general.Consider this.If the roads are covered in ice and snow,and your skill and comfort level leads you to judge a safe speed at half the posted speed limit,does that make it appropriate for you to drive in the left lane,and impede other vehicles who may perceive the conditions less dangerous than you,regardless of their skill level,or experience while driving in those conditions.Rather than imposing your will and judgment on others by blocking the left lane,just keep right,except when passing.

I am not aware of any law against farting in an elevator,but it is also not considered acceptable behavior.

I've read that bit before - no tears were shed, though ...

Section 150 is the fundamental law in BC that, in keeping with all other Canadian and American jurisdictions these days, establishes the fundamental requirement that you drive on the right side of the road when you're on a 2-way street or highway (as opposed to a 1-way street, where it doesn't apply).  The first draft of that particular piece of legislation was probably written 90 to 100 years ago, when the western jurisdictions (Oregon, Washington, and BC) realized that they needed to change their left hand ways (look at old photographs and you'll see that I'm right, er correct about this) and thus harmonize with the other states and provinces.

'When it is practicable to do so', it says, as with many sections of the mighty Motor Vehicle Act; laned traffic (which is properly covered in Section 151) is only referenced under 150 Part 2 in relation to vehicles that are 'proceeding at less than normal speed of traffic', and these are required to stay as right as possible; one thinks of Mennonites in horse-drawn carriages, or fully loaded trucks on steep upgrades.  Makes sense, of course.

Now let's think about that 'accepted lane usage'.  Let's take another look at that all-too-short video clip above.  Let's think about safety, and reason.  And the crappy road engineering we're all too often expected to endure, here in BC.

Dash cams tend to present a somewhat distorted, wide angled view of the world; and it's difficult to figure out 'normal flow' if we don't know if the camera vehicle is moving at a steady speed; though in the short clip we see here, I don't think our dashcam driver is keeping up with everyone else - or perhaps backs off a little when he perceives the possible pending collision ahead, in keeping with Smith System principles.

But two things are clear - firstly, that the driver of the SUV in the left lane who is suddenly tailgated by the red pickup truck is only about 3 seconds behind the pack ahead of him in that same lane, and also that he is moving faster than the vehicles in the right lane.  Reasonable for the conditions?  Yup, especially with some jerk on your back bumper.  Proceeding at less than normal speed of traffic?  Hell, no.

And let's think again about the overall situation, of which we see only an incremental part.  That whole section of highway is a foul piece of engineering for several kilometers.  There should be overpasses instead of intersections with traffic lights.  Traffic lights where the driver needing to turn left has to somehow get into the left turn chute to the left of what certain people like to think of as the 'passing lane'.  Traffic lights that are utterly uncoordinated in terms of synchronized traffic flow.  It's ridiculous!

But even more absurd is the suggestion that anybody who isn't actively passing other vehicles should immediately switch lanes to the right, even if they're planning on a left turn only a few hundred metres ahead.  Because if that's what you believe, then you're saying that to access the left turn chute they need, then at the last possible moment, when everything is bunching up on approach to the next amber/red light, they should then somehow or other be forcing their way across two lanes of concertina-ing, decelerating traffic (that means the gaps are all shrinking) in order to make their turn.

And that is insane.  Period.

Look, I like to travel.  Fast.  British motorways are my favourites, because they even have passing lanes on the slip roads (entrance ramps), and they always have three - not two - lanes of traffic flow in each direction, with no trucks allowed in the hammer lane.  The national speed limit is 70 mph (113 km/h) but it's pretty much ignored and even the police forces have been lobbying for it to be raised to at least 80 mph (129 km/h) instead of sitting beside the highway jumping on all the miscreants who ignore it.

And I detest the way that drivers on Highway 19 and other places in BC - where the speed limit is often 90 km/h to 110 km/h because you're in a big empty safe landscape - use the same limited visual skills as when they're driving to the local store in their neighbourhood, and obliviously (or self-righteously) block the fast lane on a road that has been engineered to move traffic over distances as efficiently as possible.  They shouldn't be allowed on these highways, because they are not competent for the conditions.

But in the video we just saw above, the driver of the red pickup truck is the only one who doesn't fit in and harmonize with the conditions.  That idiot is breaking the law by tailgating - repeatedly, by the look of it - and his aggressive behaviour is utterly inappropriate and dangerous.

Maybe see a chiropractor after a stretch like that

Did you really say that keep right refers to which side of the road to drive on?Really?But wait it, gets better."One thinks of Mennonites in horse drawn- carriages"."One"is accurate.You, and only you, would even consider a statement as bizarre and far removed from the facts seen in the video.But why stop at going back only 90-100 years?Maybe dust off a copy of the Magna Carta ,and see what you can find there, that may be relevant to driving on a 4 lane divided highway.I am sure it's in there somewhere.One last thing,I don't know if you have driven in Washington State,but they have mastered the technique of driving beside one another, at exactly the same speed. Regardless of traffic volume,and the number lanes available for travel they have shown a consistent ability to thwart the flow of traffic through lane choice. Their dedication to ignorant,and oblivious driving techniques are impressive to say the least.While BC is bad for this, Washington State is "Hands Down"the champion.Maybe if more people apply your theories, BC can also achieve this level competence.Then we can all take comfort in knowing that the person in front of us will make our driving decisions for us,thus reducing our levels of stress.Remember,why drive infront or behind  another vehicle,when you can drive beside them,creating a hazard,while controlling the traffic behind you.The most important thing, is to show them that you know what is best.

Keep up the good work.


My chiropractor says I'm perfectly aligned, thank you.


Being incapable of effectively refuting or contradicting my argument, you fall back on hectoring and mockery.  You should go into politics, it appears you have all the necessary qualities and would fit right in.

That aside, I cannot disagree when somebody gets it right, and must concur 100% with your observations of driving in Washington State these days.  Time was when they were relatively responsible down there and would move over but not no more it seems, as I've noticed during frequent trips to Tacoma.  The I-5 is like an eight lane mobile road block at times (though ironically, you can still rocket through Seattle if you're on the Express route through the middle, particularly northbound).  But mostly their driving is moronic, it's like marching in the midst of an army of zombies, despite the fact that they do have rules requiring drivers to stay to the right except when passing.

Is there any good news? Well, maybe there is: (Vancouver Sun story no longer exists)

If so, Speeders causing death should be criminalized!

Well, If the condition is comfortable, the slower vehicle should move to the right lane.  BUT, if you think driving over the speed limit in an icy condition doesn't meen you drive fast because you are not the only one on the road.  You can cause death to others.  Would you be criminalized by the law?  No, then what is your responsibility?  Drive fast just because you think it's safe?  The law should not allow that in the public road.  

All speeders/aggressive drivers should be reported and ticketed.  



Many dash cams have GPS and speedos

A dash cam with GPS and speedo is now becoming so important here. I suggest everyone buy one. The police don't have the resources to catch these bullies of the road and of course, those who drive on the left while not driving with the flow of traffic.

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