REPORT - Intersection Safety Camera Statistics 2021

intersection camera warning signRoadSafetyBC has released an annual report on Intersection Safety Cameras (ISC) for 2021. According to the report ICBC conducted a survey in fall of 2021 that found that public support for use of red light cameras is 77% and speed cameras is 72%. The ISC program operates 140 digital cameras installed at high-risk intersections throughout BC to enforce red light running offences.

During 2021 66,657 red light and 46,700 speeding tickets were issued as a result of intersection safety cameras.

In 2021, the highest ISC speeding ticket issued:
  • In a 30 km/h zone: 90 km/h (60 km/h over limit)
  • In a 50 km/h zone: 156 km/h (106 km/h over limit)
  • In a 60 km/h zone: 181 km/h (121 km/h over limit)
  • In a 70 km/h zone: 150 km/h (80 km/h over limit)
  • In an 80 km/h zone: 198 km/h (118 km/h over limit)


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