Information regarding collisions.

Determining Vehicle Speed from Yaw Marks

Yaw Striations in Tire MarkWhen a vehicle is in yaw it is rotating around a vertical axis through it's center of mass. The long, curved Y shaped marks left by the tires on the pavement were characteristic of this motion. If they were striated and of constantly diminishing radius they were of great interest for collision reconstruction because the vehicle's speed could be determined from them.

Why is it so Dangerous to be a Pedestrian Lately?

Pedestrian Crossing SignRight or wrong, the pedestrian is always the loser in a collision with a motor vehicle. Nowhere in British Columbia is that more apparent than in Vancouver. So far this year, the pedestrian death count has already exceeded that of the entire year of 2010.

Q&A - Driving Without Reasonable Consideration for Others

Q&A ImageI was driving along no.6 in Richmond with a girlfriend and reached into my bag for smokes and an oncoming car came so I swerved a bit to the right and hit a hydro pole because it was so close to the shoulder and I ended up into a ditch. I wasn't speeding, it was a single car collision and nobody got hurt. Needless to say the car was a total loss.

RESEARCH - Run Off Road Crashes

NHTSA LogoA run off the road crash is generally a single vehicle event that results in a large number of injuries and fatalities for the occupants. While this is American data, it is quite likely that our Canadian experience is very similar, meaning that 95% of our run off the road crashes involve some kind of driver error.

REPORT - How Does Canada's Road Safety Profile Compare Internationally?

who logoThe World Health Organization's country profiles present a selection of information about road safety as reported by each of the 178 participating countries/areas. Canada's profile shows that we rate ourselves as a 4 out of 10 in the effectiveness of our efforts to curb impaired driving. Hopefully BC's new impaired driving laws help move us closer to a 10.

Have You Been Directly Affected by a Collision Lately?

Dollar SignI often ask if anyone has been directly affected by a collision in the past year when I am making a presentation to a group. I can see people thinking about it and then a few hands may tentatively rise. My answer usually surprises them and it may surprise you as well.

READING - European Road Safety Atlas

eurorap logoAn interesting idea from Europe! You can plan your trip to avoid the most dangerous highways and choose to take the ones that are the best at looking after you if a crash does occur. The European Road Safety Atlas shows how to assess your risk by coloring the roads shown in the atlas from green, the most safe to black, the least.

CASE LAW - Chang v Alcuaz

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Chang v Alcuaz examines an intersection collision where the drivers approached each other at right angles. Both claim that they were facing a green light when they proceeded into the intersection. It is interesting to see how the judge determines which driver had actually faced a green traffic signal.

VIDEO - Can Steve Survive 40 Bullets?

videoDefinitely a different video, produced for the Global Road Safety Partnership, uses a character called Steve to demonstrate the hidden dangers on our roads. Worldwide, 1.3 million "Steves" die every year in road incidents, which is the number one cause of death for young people today.

Speed Kills, or Does it?

Speeding"Speed Kills!" is a popular road safety slogan that we hear often. It's pretty simplistic and when I look around me on the highway I am convinced that drivers either don't believe it or live in a world of denial. Speed alone doesn't kill, but combine it with poor driving skills or a bad decision and it definitely makes a bad situation worse.

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