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Cycling on the Wrong Side

CyclistI'm seeing so many cyclists on the wrong side of the road lately that I am starting to wonder if the law has changed says a reader from Courtenay. It might save a life or two if they got back on the right side of the road! I agree with him because I almost made a hood ornament out of a wrong way cyclist not long ago.

Five Dollar Head, Five Dollar Helmet

Bicycle HelmetThe observation "five dollar head, five dollar helmet" used to be common in traffic law enforcement referring to motorcycle riders who wore beanie style helmets that would provide little or no protection in a crash. Today, that observation could be extended to those who choose to ride a bicycle with inadequate protection. What would that say about the value of a head that was not protected at all?

Q&A - Bicycle Collision Data

Q&A ImageCan you please share with me data related to bicycle accidents in B.C. over the last 3 or 4 years? If there is a data base please send a link.

ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION - Pedaling Towards a Healthier Planet

CyclistI was impressed with the cycling facilities I saw when I visited Portland, Oregon, and by the number of people that I saw using them. Cycle paths, accomodation for bicycles on light rail and the bus and even traffic signals that applied directly to cyclists. All of these things worked together to promote the use of the bicycle for both commuting and recreation because they increased the safety a cyclist felt.

Q&A - Bicycle Helmet Enforcement

Q&A ImageI believe bicycles and motor vehicles can exist together on our highways. I am concerned, however, with the amount of bicycle riders I see not wearing a helmet. I was most pleased back in 1997 when BC came out with a bicycle helmet law and other provinces probably didn't.

Winter Cycling

Winter CyclingWhat are the rights and obligations of cyclists and motorists if the cyclist should choose to ride on the highway under snowy winter conditions? Uncleared pathways and cycling routes were forcing cyclists to choose to ride on the plowed streets of one Vancouver Island municipality resulting in a number of inquiries at city hall. Should cyclists be using the streets in winter time?

CASE LAW - Deol v Veach

BC Courts Coat of ArmsIn this case Mr. Deol was riding his bicycle on a sidewalk in a direction opposing traffic on the highway adjacent to him. Mr. Veach was attempting a right turn onto the highway from a parking lot. Both stopped, Mr. Deol on the sidewalk at the parking lot access and Mr. Veach prior to crossing the sidewalk. Both proceeded at the same time and collided.

VIEWPOINT - Cyclist / Motorist / Pedestrian Interaction

CyclistI live on the Island Highway close to the downtown area of Campbell River. Over the past decade both as a pedestrian and as a motorist I have nearly been hit by cyclists numerous times as they careen down the sidewalk trying to see how much air they can catch jumping the driveway cuts. Very often they are going faster than the cars on the road.

READING - Cycling In Cities

CyclistThe University of British Columbia School of Population & Public Health is studying which factors encourage or discourage the use of bicycles for urban transportation, and which types of transportation infrastructure are associated with increased or decreased risks of injuries to cyclists.

Q&A - Reserved Lane Use

Bicycle Lane SignI have been driving home on Rupert Street in Vancouver lately and there are some lane markings I am not clear about. Between 12th ave and about Kingsway there is a narrow right hand lane that has a bicycle and a white diamond, there is no other signage.

My question is: Are motorcycles allowed to use this lane (because they regularly do)?

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