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VIDEO - How to Trigger a Traffic Light on Your Bike

video iconThis short video from the City of Redmond, Washington explains how inductive loops embedded in the pavement control traffic lights in response to traffic being present. If you are a cyclist, it can be difficult to trigger the lights if you don't know how to take advantage of the loops. Watch the video and learn how to effectively "cycle" the signal to green!

Q&A - Motor Assisted Cycle Ticket

Q&A ImageI am using an electric scooter without installing the pedals on it. the scooter only goes 35 km/hour. the officer give me ticket for section 13(1)(b) in a reason that i did not install the pedal on the scooter. he put on the ticket description is fail to display current plate. is that a violation? although i have a plate at the back saying E-bike no licence required. do i need to dispute or just pay it.

CASE LAW - R v Rei

BC Courts Coat of ArmsIs it a Motor Assisted Cycle (MAC) or a Limited Speed Motorcycle (LSM)? In the case of R v Rei it all comes down to whether there are pedals installed so that the driver may physically propel the device or not.

RESOURCE - Bicycle Road Safety Audit Guidelines & Prompts

CyclistThis document from the US Federal Highway Administration includes an overview of basic principles of the safety of cyclists and potential issues affecting cyclists, as well as information on how to conduct a Road Safety Audit (RSA) and effectively assess the safety of cyclists. The prompt list portion of the guide highlights safety issues that should be considered when conducting a cyclist-specific RSA.

CASE LAW - Ormiston v ICBC

BC Courts Coat of ArmsDixon Ormiston fell from his bicycle and sustained serious injury after being forced against a concrete abutment by a vehicle that veered into his path while he was passing it on the right side. Of interest in deciding the liability in this case is the examination of passing on the right, both by a vehicle driver and a cyclist. In general, passing on the right is forbidden in British Columbia and Mr. Ormiston was found to be 30% liable for this collision.

Cycling on the Wrong Side

CyclistI'm seeing so many cyclists on the wrong side of the road lately that I am starting to wonder if the law has changed says a reader from Courtenay. It might save a life or two if they got back on the right side of the road! I agree with him because I almost made a hood ornament out of a wrong way cyclist not long ago.

Five Dollar Head, Five Dollar Helmet

Bicycle HelmetThe observation "five dollar head, five dollar helmet" used to be common in traffic law enforcement referring to motorcycle riders who wore beanie style helmets that would provide little or no protection in a crash. Today, that observation could be extended to those who choose to ride a bicycle with inadequate protection. What would that say about the value of a head that was not protected at all?

ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION - Pedaling Towards a Healthier Planet

CyclistI was impressed with the cycling facilities I saw when I visited Portland, Oregon, and by the number of people that I saw using them. Cycle paths, accomodation for bicycles on light rail and the bus and even traffic signals that applied directly to cyclists. All of these things worked together to promote the use of the bicycle for both commuting and recreation because they increased the safety a cyclist felt.

Q&A - Bicycle Helmet Enforcement

Q&A ImageI believe bicycles and motor vehicles can exist together on our highways. I am concerned, however, with the amount of bicycle riders I see not wearing a helmet. I was most pleased back in 1997 when BC came out with a bicycle helmet law and other provinces probably didn't.

Winter Cycling

Winter CyclingWhat are the rights and obligations of cyclists and motorists if the cyclist should choose to ride on the highway under snowy winter conditions? Uncleared pathways and cycling routes were forcing cyclists to choose to ride on the plowed streets of one Vancouver Island municipality resulting in a number of inquiries at city hall. Should cyclists be using the streets in winter time?

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