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Information related to driver's licences.

Q&A - Problems with My Teen - Can I Take Their Licence Away?

New Driver Signs 2011Question: My teen is an irresponsible driver and I am concerned enough at the danger they present to themselves and others that I want to withdraw my consent for them to have a driver's licence. How do I do that?

Producing Your Driver's Licence

BC Driver's Licence"I've got 24 hours to produce it, don't I?" and "It doesn't matter, I know my licence number." had to be the two most common responses I received when I stopped someone that wasn't carrying their driver's licence with them. Yes, you may know the number, but if my past experience is any indication, most of you don't know a lot of the other details such as class, expiry date, restrictions or even your security keyword!

The Driver Improvement Program

BC LogoThe Driver Improvement Program sounds like something designed to increase a driver's skills and make them a safer, more accomplished operator of a motor vehicle. That isn't the case however, it is the Superintendent of Motor Vehicle's way of telling you that you are an unsatisfactory driver and that a prohibition from driving may be in your future.

VIDEO - Top 10 Driving Test Fails

video iconAspiring new drivers were in the news this week. ICBC says that the number of driving tests conducted on Vancouver Island in May 2023 increased by 22% over normal monthly levels. Unfortunately, almost half of the hopeful licence candidates failed their test.

Unlicensed Drivers and Vehicle Impounds

Vehicle ImpoundTaking your neighbour's request at face value turned out to be an expensive lesson for Jessica. She had loaned her vehicle to a neighbour and somewhere along the journey the neighbour met up with the police. The neighbour was a vehicle impound candidate because they didn't have a valid driver's license.

CASE LAW - Ahmad v British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles)

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Ahmad v British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles) involves Syed (Joe) Ahmad who was 86 years old at the beginning of this story. Mr. Ahmad suffered from a number of health issues and based on a DMER submitted by his doctor, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles requested the results of the in-office cognitive screening tests.

Motorcycle Driver's Licence Restrictions

BC Driver's LicenceDriver's licence restrictions are used to restrict the operation of motor vehicles until the driver gains sufficient experience in their operation to have them removed. They are also used in the case of a medical condition or functional deficit. Restrictions may be imposed by either RoadSafetyBC or ICBC depending on the situation.

RESOURCE - Guides for Determining Medical Fitness to Drive

Question MarkHave you ever wondered what the medical standards for driver fitness were in British Columbia? The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrator's Medical Standards with BC Specific Guidelines is available on line for your investigation. These standards are referred to by RoadSafetyBC when making driver fitness determinations.

CASE LAW - R v Zhang

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of R v Zhang is an appeal in Supreme Court for three convictions in traffic court arising out of the provision of unlicensed passenger transportation services. Haiya Zhang was driving for Udi, a ride hailing service similar to Uber. He was not licensed under the Passenger Transportation Act, did not have the appropriate class of driver's licence and the vehicle he was using did not have a valid inspection certificate.

International Drivers License

International Driving PermitMany people mistakenly call an International Driving Permit (IDP) an International Driver's License. Their belief is that the IDP alone allows them to drive here at home and abroad, perhaps even when they do not hold a valid driver's license or they are prohibited from driving.

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