Driver Licencing

Information related to driver's licences.

Q&A - Older GLP Driver Issue

New Driver Signs 2011I reported to police regarding an L driver on driving by himself and ok occasion with his kids in the car. I was then contacted by the police and told that the driver is not violating any motor vehicle act. However, under the new driver licensing, an L driver has to be accompanied by a licensed driver and limited to only 1 passenger. He drives his 3 kids with him.

Q&A - Temporary Student in BC

Q&A ImageI am an international student (ESL) and have a driver's license in my country. I'm already studying in Canada for 6 months and have 6 more to go. My school is not listed in the designated schools that allow me drive during the course duration.

I asked the ICBC what are the consequences of me being caught driving in this situation and they answered me that depend on the police who will stop me.

Q&A - Just Received a Notice of Prohibition

Q&A ImageI just received a notice of prohibition in the mail yesterday stating that I am being suspended from driving for 4 months due to my unsatisfactory driving recording and I must surrender my license. I have received 2 tickets in my 10 years of driving, however I still have my 'N', although I have been able to go for my full license for quite some time.

Q&A - Young Drivers & Penalty Points

New Driver Signs 2011Hello I am a novice driver and I was ticketed recently for speeding. I am just curious to learn more about the demerit point system and how it works. My main question is what is the penalty for having to many demerit points and what are the consequences?

Q&A - Are Compulsory Medicals at 80 Discriminatory?

Q&A ImageNoticed an article in Thursday's Vancouver Sun, found it online here.

Cognitive Testing of Older Drivers

Senior DriverI am often asked about driver testing, particularly now that some older drivers are being given cognitive testing as part of the mandatory medical evaluation at and after age 80. This is called the SIMARD test and was developed at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. It allows the doctor or their medical staff to quickly and accurately identify people who are having cognitive difficulty that would compromise safe driving.

Q&A - Prohibition Review

Q&A - Dangerous to be on the Road

Q&A ImageMy ex wife has been hospitalized for mental illness and diagnosed as being bi-polar. My concerns are that my daughters go with her and her driving is very erratic. She won't let them drive and she repeatedly goes through traffic signs and lights. My daughters are so scared when they have to go in her car.

RESOURCE - Driving in BC

People's Law School LogoDriving in BC from People's Law School is for newcomers and new drivers in British Columbia. It explains the laws relating to getting a driver's licence and driving a car in BC.

Q&A - Operating an LSM with Class 7L

New Driver Signs 2011I just bought a 50 cc scooter and was really hoping you could help me with two questions. It is a 2003 Yamaha BWS. First, can I drive it with my Learners license? I am turning 16 in a week, and know many people who ride them around with they're L, or so they say, but I can't find any for sure legislation. Second, can I take two people with my L?

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