Driver Licencing

Information related to driver's licences.

Q&A - Prohibition Review

New Driver Signs 2011So I recently got my letter from the superintendent informing me of my unsatisfactory driving record, and that I will be prohibited from driving for 3 months. My first speeding ticket was on April 28th 2014 going 70~km/h in a 60km zone and my second was on Dec 24th, 2014. For my second ticket I was caught going 89km/h in a 50km zone.

Q&A - Dangerous to be on the Road

Q&A ImageMy ex wife has been hospitalized for mental illness and diagnosed as being bi-polar. My concerns are that my daughters go with her and her driving is very erratic. She won't let them drive and she repeatedly goes through traffic signs and lights. My daughters are so scared when they have to go in her car.

Q&A - Operating an LSM with Class 7L

New Driver Signs 2011I just bought a 50 cc scooter and was really hoping you could help me with two questions. It is a 2003 Yamaha BWS. First, can I drive it with my Learners license? I am turning 16 in a week, and know many people who ride them around with they're L, or so they say, but I can't find any for sure legislation. Second, can I take two people with my L?

CASE LAW - Jackson v ICBC

BC Courts Coat of ArmsRussell Jackson was stopped by police when driving a vehicle in Ladysmith, B.C. He produced a Mexican driver's licence to the officer, but it was not accepted. He was ticketed for driving without a valid driver's licence and the vehicle was impounded.

Q&A - Surrendering Licence to Mitigate Points

Q&A ImageThis weekend I was speedtrapped with a speed measuring device, and awarded an excessive speeding ticket (105 in 60 zone). I have been travelling on a motorcycle in the left lane, wanted to merge into the right to let the car behind me pass, gained speed to get ahead of the cars in the right lane and was caught on a radar.

Q&A - Failed Because of Not Shoulder Checking

Backing Up Shoulder CheckMy father, who just turned 80, is undergoing a mandatory drivers' exam next month. He did not pass the previous one, largely due to insufficient shoulder checks, according to the score sheet he was given.

Q&A - Starting Over With an N

New Driver Signs 2011HI there, I've been impressed reading some of your Q&A questions, I think you are a good responder, esp for young people.

Q&A - Experience Required to get a Commercial Driver's Licence?

Q&A ImageI just want to know in order to get commercial driver's license In bc how much driving experience you need.

Q&A - Alberta Learner Moved to BC

New Driver Signs 2011i have my alberta learners license and have had it for 9 years now... i moved back to bc a couple months ago i was wondering will i have to apply for my bc learners license before i can take the drivers test or will i be fine just how i am?? ifi do have to apply for my bc learners am i going to have to have it for the designated time before i can take the test??

CASE LAW - Lewis v British Columbia (Public Safety and Solicitor General)

BC Courts Coat of ArmsDelores Lewis was required to take the computer based version of the DriveABLE test and failed. The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles directed ICBC to cancel her driver's licence. Reconsideration of this decision was possible if she was able to provide a report from her doctor indicating that she was medically fit to drive. This was provided and Ms. Lewis took the test a second time. The result of the second test indicated that her abilities had declined. Her licence remained cancelled.

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