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Information related to driver's licences.

VIEWPOINT - Recall Testing

SoapboxThe following post is not intended for aging drivers only. I posted it here as I wasn't sure where to put it.

In order to obtain a drivers license an individual must demonstrate knowledge of traffic laws/rules and proficiency in operating a motor vehicle.

Q&A - Disputing a Suspension

New Driver Signs 2011I need some serious help here! I am an N driver and I've sped twice in an almost two year period. Once was 110/kmph in a 90 and another time was 109kmph/ in a 90/kmph zone. Both occured in a 4 month period whilst I was driving my ,then ,17 year old friend (living on his own) to work. I was late, it was summer road conditions and I didn't want my friend to get fired.

Do I Have to Produce My Driver's Licence?

Enhanced BC Drivers LicenceFor most of us, there is no way around it. If we drive a motor vehicle on a highway we must carry our driver's licence with us at all times and produce it on the demand of a police officer. We must also allow the officer to take it in hand and examine it. There is no 24 hour grace period to produce it at your convenience, contrary to what many people commonly think.

CASE LAW - R v Shafer

BC Courts Coat of ArmsIan Shafer used to live in Las Vegas, Nevada and had licensed his car there. He moved to Oak Bay, B.C. but had not obtained a BC driver's license or BC license plates and insurance at the time he was stopped for speeding by police in Victoria.

Q&A - Drivers Visiting BC From Other Countries

New BC LogoI had the pleasure of visiting British Columbia in late January to visit my son who was on a school exchange in Northern BC.

As I have been a Road safety consultant and designer of road safety campaigns I was wondering if there are any statistics available on Tourist Accidents in the BC area and are there resources available to address this at all as I would be interested in gathering this information.

Your Drivers License Isn't Yours

Enhanced BC Driver's LicenceRegardless of the fact that I paid $75 to renew my driver's license, it isn't mine. In fact, it states on the back of the license that "This card remains the property of the issuing agency and must be surrendered upon request." If that request is made or the law requires its return there is no refund of fees and you must give it back.

Corrective Lenses

GlassesWhen I worked in traffic law enforcement it was standard procedure for me to scan the rear of every driver's license that I examined. Often I would find the restriction 21, corrective lenses required printed there. If the person was not wearing glasses I would look carefully at their eyes to see if I could see contact lenses. If they were there, I could see them most of the time.

Q&A - The Doctor Says Not to Drive

Q&A ImageIf a person has been told by their doctor not to drive due to cognitive impairment what are the consequences if this person chooses to drive?

Are they in violation of the law?

Is their car insurance still valid?

Investigating Personation

Ticket WriterIt was always a challenge when the violator failed to produce their driver's license. Were they being truthful when they told me that they had forgotten it at home? Did the name, address and birth date that they gave me belong to someone else? That honest face was occasionally nothing more than window dressing.

Q&A - Prohibited Drivers and Ebikes

Q&A ImageI have recently read a number of articles regarding suspended drivers using ebikes as a sources of transportation. Some people have questioned if this was legal or not as they assumed these ebikes were governed under the Motor Vehicles Branch regulations. Could you please provide some clarity for this concern.

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