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Information related to driver's licences.

VIEWPOINT - Failed my Road Test

SoapboxI am over 82 and have failed my first road test . However I hope with refresher lessons at driving school to do better next time.

CASE LAW - R v Mahovlich

BC Courts Coat of ArmsMark Clayton Mahovlich needed some ID because his driver's licence had been cancelled. He applied for a BCID using his brother's Care Card and birth certificate, neither of which carries a photo. Mark has a history of identifying himself as his brother and has caused significant problems for the brother by doing this.

VIEWPOINT - Recall Testing

SoapboxThe following post is not intended for aging drivers only. I posted it here as I wasn't sure where to put it.

In order to obtain a drivers license an individual must demonstrate knowledge of traffic laws/rules and proficiency in operating a motor vehicle.

Q&A - Disputing a Suspension

New Driver Signs 2011I need some serious help here! I am an N driver and I've sped twice in an almost two year period. Once was 110/kmph in a 90 and another time was 109kmph/ in a 90/kmph zone. Both occured in a 4 month period whilst I was driving my ,then ,17 year old friend (living on his own) to work. I was late, it was summer road conditions and I didn't want my friend to get fired.

Q&A - Delinquent Dad Driving While Unlicenced

Q&A ImageIf a driver is operating a vehicle without a valid license as the license revoked by the court due to non payment of child support, has been reported to the police numerous times and a private investigator's report & video proving this why is that not sufficient for the police to fine or to take his vehicle, what do we have to do to stop him driving ,and what would the consequences be should he be involved in an acciden

Q&A - My Fault Friend's Car Impounded

Q&A ImageI was driving my friends car without him knowing that i had no drivers licence. we got pulled over and the car got impounded for 30 days. he has a full time job and cannot go without a car. i on the other hand, am disabled, and cannot work and is willing to do what ever it takes to get his car out of impound so he can go to work. i will go to jail for a month or long because i know i was wrong.

Do I Have to Produce My Driver's Licence?

BC Driver's LicenceFor most of us, there is no way around it. If we drive a motor vehicle on a highway we must carry our driver's licence with us at all times and produce it on the demand of a police officer. We must also allow the officer to take it in hand and examine it. There is no 24 hour grace period to produce it at your convenience, contrary to what many people commonly think.

CASE LAW - R v Shafer

BC Courts Coat of ArmsIan Shafer used to live in Las Vegas, Nevada and had licensed his car there. He moved to Oak Bay, B.C. but had not obtained a BC driver's license or BC license plates and insurance at the time he was stopped for speeding by police in Victoria. He was issued a traffic ticket for speeding, not having a BC driver's license and operating an uninsured vehicle. He pled guilty to speeding and not guilty to the other two counts.

Q&A - Motor Assisted Cycle: No Insurance and Driver's Licence Ticket

Q&A ImageMy son received a traffic ticket from the police for driving without insurance and driving without a driver's licence. He was riding a bicycle that he has attached a small gas motor to and I think that this is a motor assisted cycle, not a motorcycle. If I am right, he doesn't need a licence or insurance and the police should not have issued the ticket.

Q&A - Drivers Visiting BC From Other Countries

New BC LogoI had the pleasure of visiting British Columbia in late January to visit my son who was on a school exchange in Northern BC.

As I have been a Road safety consultant and designer of road safety campaigns I was wondering if there are any statistics available on Tourist Accidents in the BC area and are there resources available to address this at all as I would be interested in gathering this information.

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