Information on specific vehicle equipment.

Q&A - Brakes on Boat Trailers

Q&A ImageI have a McGregor sailboat on a trailer, and many yeard ago the brakes rusted out (salt water) and I had to have them taken out in order to move. The rest of the trailer is quite sound. I was informed by people in the industry that I could still tow the trailer as as the boat is quite light and my towing vehicle is quite heavy duty.

PHOTOS OF CONCERN - Rotten Frame and Suspension

cameraOn July 4th, 2013 this vehicle was stopped near Sayward, B.C. The owner was quite upset that the vehicle was towed. Below is a picture of what was left of the rear spring shackle, the other side was no better. Also note the cracks in the frame. This was a 2003 Chevy S-10. The rest of the vehicle was in fair condition.

Q&A - Equipment Required for 14 Passenger Van

Q&A ImageI'm working on a construction site in Delta and we recently acquired a 14 Passenger Van/Bus to transport workers or employees from the site office to the job site. As per Worksafe BC, other than a Class 4 Licensed driver, the only thing we require is a Level 1 First Aid Kit (due to our proximity to hospital). I'm trying to find out what's required to be on board; in regards to safety equipment (ie.


cameraThe photo below shows a "C" shaped cutout in the frame rail of a 1/2 ton low rider pickup truck. The mouth of the "C" faces the rear axle, and was made to allow room for the axle to move up and down without striking the frame. The cutout significantly weakens the frame of the pickup and could result in the frame breaking while the vehicle was being driven.

Collector Licence Plates

BC Collector Licence PlateIt's show and shine season and the carefully maintained and restored older vehicles are out for our appreciation. I watched one vehicle from the early 50's pass by me the other day and I noticed that it was equipped with a center brake light and angel eyes in the headlights. It also sported a collector licence plate and that got me to thinking, were either of the two "enhancements" that I noticed allowed on a collector plated vehicle?

Q&A - Vehicle Lift Kits

Q&A ImageIs it correct that the maximum a vehicles OEM height can be modified is 10cm either up or down?

Then why do we see trucks on the road that are obviously lifted more that 10cm? This obviously raises bumper heights and headlights well above the heights mandated in the Motor Vehicle Act, correct?

COMMERCIAL VEHICLES - Trip Inspection Standard

Truck TractorProfessional drivers of commercial vehicles (as defined in the National Safety Code) are required to do both pre- and post-trip inspections of their vehicles on a daily basis. The list of items to be checked is extensive and is set out in a document created by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators. The document also sets out the criteria that defines an out of service condition until that problem is repaired. All drivers should consider these standards as a requirement and inspect their vehicles at regular intervals to make sure that they comply.

PHOTOS OF CONCERN - Inadequate Trailer Hitch

cameraHere is an example of how not to attach a trailer to a vehicle found on Highway 4 near Port Alberni. The connection for the breakaway brake is the cable dangling at the center of the picture. The end of this cable should be attached to the towing vehicle somewhere other than to the hitch itself, and definitely not to the safety chain. The aim of this device is to apply the trailer brakes in the event of the trailer accidentally disconnecting from the vehicle.

Q&A - I'm Not Going To Do It

Q&A ImageI have been issued a notice and order box 3 for my tinted tail lights. It is just spray paint and the notice says "Replace tinted tail lights". There are no boxes filled out on the description of the defect portion of the ticket. My question is. Where do I hand this ticket in? and is this really that serious? My tail lights will not be getting replaced. They are oem factory tail lights...

PHOTOS OF CONCERN - Smoked Rear Lenses

cameraHere is another example of obstructed lamps. The owner of this vehicle has coated the inside of the rear lenses on this vehicle with a translucent black spray coating that makes the lens appear dark or black. It also limits the light output, making them less or ineffective depending on the lighting conditions and the amount of coating used. The spray cannot be removed so once the driver has been dealt with by police, it will mean replacement of the lenses in addition to a ticket or vehicle inspection order.

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