Information on specific vehicle equipment.

RESOURCE - TyreSafe on Used Tires

Tyresafe LogoBuying a set of used tires can be economical, but it can also hold hidden hazards that would make them much less than a bargain. Information from TyreSafe in the UK demonstrates some of the pitfalls that buying a used tire may hold.

Q&A - Are Smoked Lenses Legal?

Q&A ImageQUESTION: I am wanting to put smoke covers on my headlight and tail lights. Is this Illegal in BC? If it is, Are aftermarket headlights and tail lights with the smoke plastic housing illegal too? Is there somewhere I can go on the internet to find out what is illegal and what isn't?

VIDEO - On The Road With The McIntyre Family

video iconThis TyreSafe video from the UK is equally valid here in British Columbia. Well, except for the 20p coin tread depth test of course! It urges you to consider the condition of your tires monthly, or at least prior to every long trip. In addition to what to check, it adds information on how tires can affect your ability to operate your vehicle safely.

RESOURCE - Winter Tires: A Review of Research on Effectiveness and Use

TIRF New LogoThe Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) reports that using winter tires during the winter months can increase the likelihood of avoiding a costly collision. The challenge researchers discovered was getting drivers to use winter tires. The report looks at existing Canadian and international research on the efficacy of winter tires and their potential effects. The study, sponsored by the Winter Driving Safety Coalition, also explored the public’s perceptions and use of winter tires.

Q&A - Replacing Airbags

Q&A ImageIf my vehicle was originally equipped with driver's airbag(s) and the ARS is deployed in a collision, etc. and the vehicle is repaired, do I have to replace the ARS in order to legally operate the vehicle? Or can I drive without ARS?

Is the Legal Minimum Tire Tread Depth Enough?

TireNo doubt this morning was an intensely exciting one for a driver that I passed by. She had obviously done some panicked steering on the rain soaked highway judging from the marks in the median and the amount of grass and mud in the fast lane. Others had already stopped to help and aside from being stuck in the median she and her vehicle appeared relatively unharmed.

Q&A - Tire Pressure Management Systems

Q&A ImageI am purchasing a set of winter tires and rims for my truck. My truck is a 2007 ford ranger. It comes standard with TPMS system. I have read that according to DOT it is mandatory in new vehicles since 2007. However Transport Canada's answer seems to be less specific and refers to the individual provinces licensing for "regulations" regarding TPMS.

RESOURCE - How to Determine the Legality of Lights

Driving LightsOf all the accessories purchased for our vehicles, lights and reflectors seem to be the most common. I've written about it frequently here on the site as many people's choices are based on "cool" instead of safe, proper and legal. The Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement web site has posted a link to a document that is a guide to the inspection and approval of lights and reflectors.

Q&A - #2 Notice and Order After 30 Days

Q&A ImageMy tires were looked at by a police officer who was doing a valid license check, he said that one of them had very little tread and that it was a safety issue. He told me that I would have to get my tires changed and go to a proper facility to get it inspected such as canadian tire.

Pre and Post Trip Inspections

MechanicDo you drive a truck with a GVW over 5,000 kg, a bus, any vehicle required to have a Motor Carrier or Passenger Transportation licence or a business vehicle with a GVW over 5,000 kg?

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