Information on specific vehicle equipment.

Q&A - Flashing high brake light?

motorcycleIs it legal to install a module that would cause only the high, centre mounted brake light to flash 5 times in the first second, twice in the second second and then stay on for the remainder of the brake peddle application? The operation of the two other brake lights would not be affected by the module.

Q&A - Rules for Mounting of Lights?

motorcycleI'm just looking for some information on motorcycles.

Is there a certain distance apart the front and rear signal lights have to be apart, as well as off the ground (how high)? I believe the signals have to be two separate units apart from the head lamps, or tail lamps correct?

VIDEO - Do It Yourself Headlight Lens Polishing

video iconThis video from Sylvania shows how the do-it-yourselfer can take a bit of time and their polishing kit and restore the clarity to plastic headlight lenses. Milky or badly yellowed lenses turn crystal clear again. This restores properly focused light that helps you see effectively and eliminate glare for other drivers, likely far less expensively than buying new lenses!

Radar and Laser Jammers

Laser JammerRadar and laser detectors are currently legal to install in your vehicle and use to avoid prosecution for failing to follow the speed limits in British Columbia. One has to ask why BC is one of the few provinces in our country that has not made this illegal. If you think like I do, inappropriate speed is a significant contributor to collisions and should not be encouraged in any way.

Q&A - Notice & Order #1

Q&A ImageI received a violation ticket and a Notice and Order for my car because the back brake lights and running lights were not working.

I am very unclear about what is required of me. -- I had the problem fixed immediately at my regular mechanic, but do I need to have it inspected at a designated facility?

Q&A - Replacing Windows in Classic Vehicles

older driver and carI have restored a 1936 Ford Tudor sedan registered in B.C. and want to replace all the window glass. It has flat safety glass originally and there is a firm who manufactures replacement glass for these old cars. They have various colored glass windows available factory tinted.

"One Eyed" Vehicles

One Headlight Burned OutIf you have normal vision, would you consider driving with one eye closed at night? To most people that would seem to be a very foolish question. Why would anyone want to diminish their capability to see while driving! Take a look at other vehicles on the highway right now. How many of them have only one headlight working? Isn't that the same as driving with one eye closed?

Q&A - It's Not Factory, You Can't Have it.

Q&A Image I was driving into work this morning and I went through a seat belt check and of course I had mine on but they pulled me over for my 6000k H.I.D head lights and amber L.E.D turn single lights.

VIDEO - Winter Tire Demonstrations

Tiresmart TireTransport Canada, the Automobile Protection Agency (APA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC), teamed up to create a series of videos that clearly demonstrate how winter tires drastically improve driver safety when compared to all season tires or a mix of winter and all season tires.

Q&A - Winter Tires & Rental Cars

Winter Tire Regulatory SignQUESTION: I live in Vancouver and My friends and I are thinking of going to the Clayoquot Oyster Festival in Tofino in late November, but I remember the Pacific Rim Highway was signposted "use winter tires or carry chains between October and April". I have tried asking many car rental companies and none of them have winter tires, and could not confirm winter tires availability for November. Do you know what we could do in this case?

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