Information on specific vehicle equipment.

Reflectors Are Important

reflectorsAn important piece of safety equipment that is often overlooked on all variety of vehicles is the humble reflector. Why do I need reflectors? I've got lights! I heard this many times at the roadside after pointing out a lack of reflectors to a driver. True, but what happens if you park, break down or have to leave a disabled trailer at the roadside? What protects you and other road users at night? The reflectors.

Q&A - Compliance by Visitors to BC

Q&A ImageI have a question about US vehicles on vacation in BC.  We were stopped in a large roadcheck on the long weekend and checked by the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) people.  Our trailer, from Washington state, was over the 2800 kgs and had the surge brake system installed.  CVSE advised at the time that the braking system is illegal for those weights.  I believe our trailer weighed 3500 kgs o

Q&A - New Tires Must go on the Rear?

Q&A ImageI was told by a Costco employee that according to the laws of BC if you buy 2 new all season tires (other 2 still in very good condition) that the new tires must be placed on the rear of vehicle regardless of whether your car is a front or real wheel drive; otherwise, if you get in an accident you insurance will be invalid? Is this correct?

Daytime Running Lights Turn 25

Daytime Running LightsDaytime running lights (DRLs) have been mandatory equipment on all vehicles in Canada since model year 1990. That means we're passing the quarter century mark of the introduction of this safety feature. The final version of Statistics Canada's Canadian Vehicle Survey was published in 2010 and at that point, vehicles older than model year 1991 make up less than 5.5% of the total number of light vehicles on our highways. We should not encounter many vehicles that don't have DRLs during our travels.

Q&A - How Strong do my Safety Chains Have to be?

Q&A ImageI have a trailer that is rated at 10,000 lbs. It is a pintle hook setup and we have two safety chains. What size is required? We would never be carrying anything over 4000 lbs on the trailer.


cameraWhile this tire may have adequate traction on dry pavement, add a little bit of water and you have a recipe for disaster. This is a photo contributed by a police officer who found this vehicle during his patrols. It can only be described as neglect and it is likely that the driver failed to consider his own safety much less that of others on the roadway with him.

Q&A - Are Police Qualified to Decide on Noisy Exhausts?

Q&A ImageIs a Police officer also an inspector under the motor vehicle regulations? For noisy exhausts it is the opinion of the inspector that seems to critical in determining whether the vehicle exhaust is too noisy.

So it would be great if a police officer could issue a ticket or a notice to correct just based on their opinion, which should be just more useful than trying to do decibel testing.

Q&A - Limits to the Degree of Window Tinting?

Q&A ImageRegarding tinted windows on the rear side and back windows on cars: Are there any limits to the degree of tinting used? I can think of a neighbour of mine whose tinting looks almost black. It would make a difficult ‘over-the-shoulder’ look when changing lanes etc.

Caveat Vendor - Window Tinting

Black SquareThe Victoria Times Colonist is reporting on a crackdown with regard to tinted windows on vehicles by the local Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU). The article quotes a business owner who tells his customers that some window tinting is illegal and that the buyer should beware. What the article fails to touch on is that the vendor should also beware.

Q&A - Difference Between Off Road & Driving Lights

Q&A ImageI have been trying to find specifics on what is the difference between a offroad light and a driving light. All I can see is the indicator of SAE-Y on the lens, is this the only difference? Anywhere I could find what lumens or candle power specs are involved with the difference? Any info would be great.

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