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Q&A - Do Motorhomes Need Winter Tires?

Q&A ImageWe are driving our 30ft class C motorhome with a 5x10 cargo trailer attached at the end of November from Edmonton to Vancouver. Do we require chains or winter tires? We currently have all season tires on the rv.

Q&A - No Winter Tires, No Insurance Coverage?

Q&A ImageQuestion: We have heard that there is a new law about winter tires. Tires now need to have the snow flake symbol on them or insurance will not cover us for a crash. Is this true?

The Importance of a Trailer Pre-Trip Inspection

Boat TrailerOne of the more eye-opening exercises that I used to conduct at this time of the year was to park my police vehicle at the brake check and wave in vehicles pulling boat trailers for a mechanical inspection. I had learned that boat trailers were often the most poorly maintained of all recreational trailers and there were often serious safety defects to be found. A simple pre-trip inspection by the driver would have found them easily and made sure that the trip would be a safe one.

VIDEO - Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

video iconThis short video by the Tire Industry Association explains what your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) does and why it is important to know when any of your tires are underinflated. Aside from the safety benefits, the TPMS system can  decrease irregular tire wear, improve your vehicle’s handling, reduce braking distance and better your fuel economy.

How Many Tie Downs Do You Need?

Tie Down StrapThe load consisted of rough lumber, about 2x6 or 2x8 size 12 to 14 feet long and 3 feet high on a flat deck trailer pulled by a large pickup truck. Load security was provided by a single heavy strap wrapped once around the middle of the load. The combination was being pulled at highway speed which was 90 km/h. Do you think that this load was secured to the trailer sufficiently?

Q&A - Headlight Chameleon Tint

Q&A ImageI saw a car with chameleon headlight tint. Apparently it's a super clear transparent film pretty much like 90% transparent...maybe more??? ...with just pigments. The pigments make it have that look where you see a puddle of oil/water on the ground and it has that rainbow effect. I know it's bad to have tail lights blacked out as it can make it harder to see you braking...but what about these headlight film that is almost clear?

Reflectors Are Important

reflectorsAn important piece of safety equipment that is often overlooked on all variety of vehicles is the humble reflector. Why do I need reflectors? I've got lights! I heard this many times at the roadside after pointing out a lack of reflectors to a driver. True, but what happens if you park, break down or have to leave a disabled trailer at the roadside? What protects you and other road users at night? The reflectors.

Q&A - Compliance by Visitors to BC

Q&A ImageI have a question about US vehicles on vacation in BC.  We were stopped in a large roadcheck on the long weekend and checked by the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) people.  Our trailer, from Washington state, was over the 2800 kgs and had the surge brake system installed.  CVSE advised at the time that the braking system is illegal for those weights.  I believe our trailer weighed 3500 kgs o

Q&A - New Tires Must go on the Rear?

Q&A ImageI was told by a Costco employee that according to the laws of BC if you buy 2 new all season tires (other 2 still in very good condition) that the new tires must be placed on the rear of vehicle regardless of whether your car is a front or real wheel drive; otherwise, if you get in an accident you insurance will be invalid? Is this correct?

Q&A - How Strong do my Safety Chains Have to be?

Q&A ImageI have a trailer that is rated at 10,000 lbs. It is a pintle hook setup and we have two safety chains. What size is required? We would never be carrying anything over 4000 lbs on the trailer.

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