Information on specific vehicle equipment.

Q&A - Front Licence Plate Ticket

Q&A ImageBC law that requires a front plate on most vehicles.

PHOTOS OF CONCERN - Snowmobile Decks

cameraThis snowmobile deck is missing lights and reflectors. Red clearance lamps on the back corners and yellow clearance lamps on the front corners are required as the deck is over 2.05 meters wide and the truck does not have lamps and reflectors in a position to fill this need. In addition to the lamps, a reflector is required on each corner matching the lamp colour.

Keep Your Hand on Your Wallet

Headlight GlareSylvania's full page ad for Silverstar Ultra headlight bulbs caught my attention. See farther, see wider, see better read the banner. Up to 50% brighter light, 50% increased peripheral visibility, 40% increased downroad visibility and as much as 50 - 100 feet more visibility at night was promised. That sounds pretty good to me, maybe I should buy a set!

Driving with Collision Damage

car being towedYou’ve been involved in a fender bender and now your vehicle is damaged. The headlight is pointing at the sky, the signal light is missing and the bumper had to be removed so that the tire has room to steer. The appointment with an insurance adjuster is pending, and you can’t even think about the body shop yet. Can you just keep driving until the vehicle is repaired?

Notice & Order #2

Notice & OrderOver the course of my service in traffic law enforcement I saw many things that made me shake my head. Examples include a pickup truck that had a rope strung through the vent windows and tied to the windshield wipers so that they could be operated by the passenger, another pickup with black plastic tape stuck over the brake warning light so that the brightness would not bother the driver at night and a car had no working lights on the rear because ICBC had not arranged for collision repairs yet. Admittedly, these are extreme examples but there are many vehicles on our highways that are not being properly maintained by their owners.

New Winter Tire Rules for BC

Mountain and Snowflake winter tire symbolOn October 1, 2014 the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure announced new winter tire rules for British Columbia. The changes are part of the Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review conducted by the Ministry about one year ago when BC residents were asked to express their opinion. From the information provided to me, it appears that the only thing that has changed is the signage beside the highway and the chain option for passenger vehicles.

The Boss Won't Fix It!

MechanicIt is not uncommon for police to stop a defective vehicle and be told "The boss said drive it." The employee is at a disadvantage, he has to drive to keep his job but he is also liable for driving the defective vehicle. While the employee cannot be absolved for the deficiencies, the boss is equally responsible in law.

Q&A - Adding Extra Reflectors

Q&A ImageI drive a Toyota Corolla sedan and a lot of time do night driving. For the safety of me, my family and other road users, Can I stick additional red reflecting tape (that’s available in Canadian Tire) on the rear bumper of my car? I did a search on Google but I did not get a definitive answer.

I am planning to put 1.5” X 10” on both the ends of my rear bumper.  Please advise.

Q&A - More Light Needed

Q&A ImageFor me, the high beams on my '95 and '96 Dodge Ram trucks are inadequate. Certainly, this likely has something to do with my being 73. I avoid driving in the dark, but sometimes I must. I keep both the inside and the outside of my windshield clean, and the pitting from sand, etc is minimal.

Q&A - Candlepower Restrictions

Q&A ImageIt used to be that there was a candle power restriction for vehicles but these days none.  I was driving along the other day and an approaching car had the high beam on.  I flashed my high beam in hopes they would switch to low beam but no.  As the car drew closer I was being blinded and had to slow down. 

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