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VIDEO - Electric Cars & Brake Lights

VideoThis video by Technology Connections made me stop and think for a minute. Brake lights all work the same way, don't they? Apparently not now that we have electric vehicles with regenerative braking. These vehicles can slow abruptly without triggering the brake lights according to this video.

BILL 23 2023 - Motor Vehicle Amendment Act

BC Legislative AssemblyThe BC legislature has introduced the first reading of Bill 23 - 2023: Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2023. Bill 23 proposes amendments to create a safer environment for vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, and supports the shift to increased active transportation.

CASE LAW - McLeod v British Columbia

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of McLeod v British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles) and The Attorney General of British Columbia challenges the constitutionality of s. 320.27(2) of the Criminal Code, which authorizes mandatory alcohol screening (MAS) of drivers for the presence of alcohol as an investigatory tool. Norma McLeod and Nicole Quashnick say that it infringes their ss. 8, 9 and 10(b) rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

OPINION - Means Tested Ticket Penalties

SoapboxVictoria's CFAX 1070 radio personality Ryan Price speaks with Saanich councillor Teale Phelps-Bondaroff to discuss means tested ticket penalties - the practice of basing the amount of a driver's penalties to their personal income.

NEWS - Active Transportation Infrastructure Grants

New BC LogoThe province is offering Active Transportation infrastructure grants to local governments who apply for them prior to October 21, 2022. Up to two grants may be applied for as long as they meet the following criteria:

OPINION - Adventures in Active Transportation

BC Cycling Coalition LogoAdventures in Active Transportation is a blog post by Tannis Braithwaite, a member of the BC Cycling Coalition. In it, she highlights some of the barriers to active transportation in B.C., especially as they apply to provincial (non-municipal) highways. The focus here is still on moving motor vehicles, not active transportation.

RESOURCE - BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure Service Plan

TranBC logo"The Ministry’s priorities include improving vital rural and urban infrastructure, investing in public transit, cycling infrastructure and other green modes of transportation, reducing transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions and strengthening the economy through the movement of people and goods."

E Ticketing and Ticket Dispute Adjudication

Question MarkThis article was written in May of 2015 when there was a brief flurry in the media about the implementation of electronic traffic tickets and dispute adjudication replacing traffic court. Amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act to allow these changes were made in 2012, but fast forward to March 2022 and no changes to traffic ticket disputes have occurred.

REPORT - Motor Vehicle Related Crashes, Injuries and Fatalities 10-year Statistics for British Columbia, 2011-2020

BC LogoRoadSafetyBC has published a report, Motor Vehicle Related Crashes, Injuries and Fatalities: 10 Year Statistics for British Columbia, 2011-2020.

DATA - Traffic Fine Revenue Grants 2019 to 2021

Ticket WriterBritish Columbia's Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing program transfers the net revenue from traffic tickets back to local governments as a source of additional funds to support community safety and address local policing priorities. Transfer grant amounts are based on an area’s policing costs relative to the total policing costs paid.

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