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Protecting Your Interest After a Hit & Run

Intersection CrashIn response to hearing the siren of an approaching fire engine, Cindy Li slowed in preparation to yield to it. While her vehicle was still moving, it was struck from behind by another car. She stopped, exited her car, walked back to the other car and spoke to the young male driver, requesting that he pull over to exchange information. As she returned to her car, the male drove around her and disappeared from sight.

How do I get Ownership Papers for my Snowmobile?

Q&A ImageI purchased a snowmobile in 2003 brand new from a Skidoo dealership in Kelowna. At that time I registered it with a ICBC and got a sticker. However, I never received any ownership papers. Is there any way to get that paperwork as I want to sell the machine.

Off Road Vehicle Registration Required After June 1, 2015

Off Road Vehicle Licence PlateIf you intend to operate your off road vehicle (ORV) anywhere on public lands after June 1, 2015 you have just three weeks left to register it through ICBC. When the vehicle is registered an off road vehicle licence plate will be issued and must be displayed. The  changes replaced outdated legislation governing British Columbia’s growing off-road sector, and helps ensure these vehicles are driven in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. (See update at end of article)

Q&A - Surrendering Licence to Mitigate Points

Q&A ImageThis weekend I was speedtrapped with a speed measuring device, and awarded an excessive speeding ticket (105 in 60 zone). I have been travelling on a motorcycle in the left lane, wanted to merge into the right to let the car behind me pass, gained speed to get ahead of the cars in the right lane and was caught on a radar.

Q&A - No Papers, How do I Register a Motorcycle?

Q&A ImageI purchased a 30 year old motorcycle. The previous owner had no registration as he used it off road. I ran the VIN through CPIC and it produced no history of being stolen. What steps do I take to obtain registration papers?

Q&A - Can I be Failed for Driving Slowly?

ICBC LogoCan i fail the class 7 road test for driving 40-45 in 50 zone if I'm not impeding traffic (not a busy town) rarely much traffic.

Q&A - Selling a Vehicle Long Distance

Q&A ImageWe've moved to Saskatchewan from BC and have just sold our utility trailer that is still at the house we were renting in Ladysmith BC. Could we please obtain advice on the best way to make the transfer (paperwork, etc). Obviously the trailer is still insured in BC and it was bought in BC also.

I have current insurance and ownership papers here in Saskatchewan.

Q&A - Making Wide Right Turn in Motorhome

Q&A ImageThey are allowed by law to swing wide if necessary in order to make turns at intersections. If you don't heed the signal and pull along side you could be squeezed between the truck and the curb.

Q&A - Impersonation

Q&A ImageIt's drivers licence renewal time. You organize and drop by the nearest ICBC Driver Service Center to pay your renewal fee, have your picture taken and leave with your temporary new licence with the promise that you will receive your picture licence in them mail shortly. For most of us, that's the scenario.

Q&A - Too Deep in Debt to Drive

ICBC LogoI am an employment counsellor with a First Nations Employment Service in BC.  Many of my clients were young and foolish when they started driving and got caught without a license or insurance and they kept doing this until they owe thousands of dollars.  This problem is interfering with their ability to earn a living as adults.  Is there a process whereby they can make payments to get their license back?

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