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Q&A - Selling a Vehicle Long Distance

Q&A ImageWe've moved to Saskatchewan from BC and have just sold our utility trailer that is still at the house we were renting in Ladysmith BC. Could we please obtain advice on the best way to make the transfer (paperwork, etc). Obviously the trailer is still insured in BC and it was bought in BC also.

I have current insurance and ownership papers here in Saskatchewan.

Q&A - Making Wide Right Turn in Motorhome

Q&A ImageThey are allowed by law to swing wide if necessary in order to make turns at intersections. If you don't heed the signal and pull along side you could be squeezed between the truck and the curb.

Q&A - Impersonation

Q&A ImageIt's drivers licence renewal time. You organize and drop by the nearest ICBC Driver Service Center to pay your renewal fee, have your picture taken and leave with your temporary new licence with the promise that you will receive your picture licence in them mail shortly. For most of us, that's the scenario.

Q&A - Too Deep in Debt to Drive

ICBC LogoI am an employment counsellor with a First Nations Employment Service in BC.  Many of my clients were young and foolish when they started driving and got caught without a license or insurance and they kept doing this until they owe thousands of dollars.  This problem is interfering with their ability to earn a living as adults.  Is there a process whereby they can make payments to get their license back?

VIDEO - How to Adjust Your Head Restraint

video iconThis short video from ICBC shows you how to properly adjust your head restraint. A Canadian study on headrest use, funded by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), found that only 14 per cent of Canadian drivers (more women than men) had their headrests adjusted in the 'good' position.

How Big is BC's Collision Problem?

Intersection CrashEvery year on the first of January I restart the collision counter on the DriveSmartBC web site. In order to try and keep it accurate I check ICBC's latest collision statistics, calculate the daily average and tweak the code that produces the display. This year, I can't get data on the number of people injured by impaired drivers. I'm sure that you will agree that it is an important statistic to know.

Q&A - Police access to ICBC records?

Q&A ImageI'm just wondering if the computers inside police cars have access to all of icbc's driving records and database?

Q&A - Sending Photos of Dangerous Drivers to ICBC

Q&A ImageHighway 33, from above Big White turn off to Beaverdale is getting very dangerous. Travelling either way, cars are waiting too long to pass, and end up returning to their lane on double solid lines, just prior to a corner, and often on the curve of the corner. Anyone coming the other way would have no chance of avoiding a head on collision.

Q&A - Minimum Speed Limit?

Q&A Image
Is there a minimum speed on municipal roads? For example, if a road has a designated speed limit of 50 km/h, is there an inferred or statuatory minimum speed for that road?

RESOURCE - BC Crash Maps

ICBC LogoICBC has introduced interactive, online crash maps for British Columbia. There are three different types of maps showing vehicle, cycle and pedestrian crash data for BC communities. Choose between Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Southern Interior and Northern Central areas and then click the commmunity you are interested in. Data is current to March 31, 2012 and goes back to 2007.

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