Impaired Driving

Information relating to impaired driving.

CASE LAW - R v Rock

BC Courts Coat of ArmsKurtis William Rock was an 18 year old who spent the day drinking beer in the park with friends. At the conclusion of the drinking session he loaded two minors in his mother's Buick Rendezvous and entered traffic in the City of Vancouver.

Q&A - The GLP Designated Driver and Passenger Rules

Q&A ImageCan someone with their N have more than one friend in the car if they are the designated driver?

Q&A - 24 Hour Prohibition for Drug Use

Q&A ImageThis past year my 18yr old son was stopped and ticketed for having an extra passenger in his vehicle. It was late in the evening and they had been at a party. He was designated driver that evening and had not been drinking or doing drugs. However, the constable that stopped him pointed her flashlight in his eyes and accused him of being on drugs. She decided this in mere seconds of observation.

VIDEO - Everybody Hurts

video iconSome of the best anti-impaired driving videos come out of Australia. This example runs for 5 minutes and 22 seconds and it explains very well why police target impaired drivers. As they say, if you drink and drive, you're a bloody idiot!

ROADSENSE TIPS - Smart Holiday Driving

ICBC logoThis ICBC RoadSense video attempts to dispel some of the common myths about knowing when it is safe to drive after you have consumed alcohol. Dr. Bruce Campana explains that the best choice is still not to drive if you have been drinking.

READING - Energy Drinks and Impaired Driving

National Safety Commission LogoThe US National Safety Commission reports on the use of energy drinks and the possibility of caffeine impaired driving. Energy drinks contain significant amounts of caffeine and when consumed to excess can lead to caffeine intoxication. This results in behavioural changes that increase the risk of aggressive driving and collision.


VIDEO - Impaired Driving Physical Testing

Think LogoThis short video examines physical tests that police may use at the roadside in the UK to detect a drug impaired driver. They are equally applicable here in Canada as part of an examination by a Drug Recognition Expert, especially since recent amendments to the Criminal Code require that the driver participate in them.

Open Liquor in a Motor Vehicle

Counterattack LogoOn a sunny afternoon patrol one weekend I stopped a vehicle that had been exceeding the speed limit. As I approached, I could see two gray haired women in the front and two men of the same vintage in the rear of the car. I could also see a partially consumed cold beer in the hand of each of the men, who made no attempt to hide them from me.

REPORT - Ending Alcohol Impaired Driving: a Common Approach

Canadian Coat of ArmsOn June 17, 2009 the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights chaired by MP Ed Fast released a report titled "Ending Alcohol-Impaired Driving: A Common Approach." The report makes 10 recommendations, the most interesting of which says that police should be able to do random breath testing of drivers without having a reasonable suspicion that the drivers have alcohol in their bodies.

SURVEY - Impaired Driving Cases are a Growing Challenge

TIRF New LogoA survey of Canadian lawyers by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) reveals that challenges with Canada’s impaired driving system, although not new, now appear to be growing.

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