Impaired Driving

Information relating to impaired driving.

The Morning After

Keys and Drink

I recall stopping a driver shortly before lunchtime one day. He smelled strongly of stale liquor from a previous night's party. I asked him when he had last had a drink, anticipating using a screening device to test him at the roadside.

Drinking and Driving

Keys and DrinkWhoosh! Here comes a car overtaking my cruiser at 144 km/h in the posted 110 km/h zone. It's dark at 11:30 pm and at that speed, any animal or object on the road won't be identified in time and a collision is almost sure to occur. This is only the beginning of the story.

Drinking and Driving Zero Tolerance

Keys and DrinkUsing alcohol helps drivers make poor decisions. Of course, the decision of importance to us all is "do I drive, or have I had too much?" This is a decision that should be simple, if you drink don't drive, and the law should reinforce that.

Marihuana Driving Impairment

MarihuanaDecriminalize marihuana! When and if this happens, it will still be illegal to possess marihuana, but it will no longer be a criminal offence. Listening to press coverage, it appears that s segment of our population feel marihuana does not cause problems and should be freely used.

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