Highway lane use information.

ARTICLE - Rethinking the One Way Street

one way street signRethinking the One Way Street references a study published in the Journal of Planning and Education Research in 2022. The authors observe that one way streets were created by suburbanization to allow a quick and simple drive in and out of suburbs commuting to city jobs. They allowed for higher speeds over greater distances with fewer stops. This led to unpleasant, often dangerous streets for other road users.

Disaster Response Routes

Disaster Response Route SignI always thought that the disaster route signs posted beside some of our highways indicated the route that people would take if they had to evacuate during a disaster or major emergency. I was mistaken in my belief as these signs actually indicate routes that may only be used by emergency services consisting of police, fire, ambulance and other qualified responders.

Left Turns Into the Correct Lane

Left Turn SignalA Courtenay resident is upset with drivers that turn left from the Island Highway onto Ryan Road and fail to enter the first available lane. He identifies this as a problem for drivers traveling in the opposite direction on the highway wanting to turn right onto Ryan Road. Who would be liable he wonders if the right turn vehicle failed to yield as directed by the sign and collided with a vehicle that had made the left turn into the curb lane instead of the lane next to the center line.

Double Solid Yellow Lines

Double Solid Yellow LineBack in 2009 I was asked about not crossing a double solid yellow line when driving. Two friends were talking about it and thought there had been an update that allowed a driver to cross a double line under certain circumstances. Was this true?

Motorcycles and HOV Lane Confusion

Bus Lane Only SignRoad signs are something that we see every time we drive. Inside cities, there are often many signs that compete for our attention and it is important to know what they mean and how to recognize them at a glance. Not being able to do this caused a motorcycle rider some concern.

CASE LAW - Alagar v Mackay

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Alagar v Mackay took place near the intersection of Canada Way and Rosewood Street in Burnaby. The incident involved three vehicles, two of which were in the left lane and their drivers did not want to wait for left turning traffic. Lane changes were made that resulted in a crash involving the third vehicle travelling straight through using the right lane.

CASE LAW - Russell v Christopherson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Russell v Christopherson arose from a collision that occurred on the Trans-Canada Highway near Kamloops. Both drivers entered the Trans Canada Highway eastbound at the Pineview entrance and began to establish themselves in traffic, moving toward the left lane.

Approaching Lane Closures

Lane Ends SignThere is probably nowhere that the unofficial rules of the road are "enforced" by other drivers like that of the lane closure line up. You know, the long line up of traffic that forms on one side of the highway after drivers pass the lane closed ahead advisory signs.

VIDEO - Road Guy Rob on Advisory Bike Lanes

VideoRoad Guy Rob is a civil engineer who delights in explaining traffic engineering to the public. This time around he is looking at edge lane or advisory lane roads for cycling, just like the one in Victoria that raised a few voices there in 2019.

CASE LAW - Close v Tigas

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Close v Tigas involves a collision on 18th Street at the lane west of Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver. Andria Close was driving her Volkswagen Golf westbound on 18th Street and Ryan Tigas was driving his Mitsubishi Outlander northbound in the lane approaching 18th. Mr. Tigas' view to the east was obstructed by a truck and camper parked to the right of the lane on the south side of 18th Street.

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