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Q&A - Blacking Out the Address

Q&A ImageI have heard a vehicle owner can carry a photocopy of his Owners Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle Licence with the address obliterated so that anyone breaking into the vehicle cannot determine the owner's address. Is this true?

The Ubilt Utility Trailer

Ubilt Utility TrailerThe quality of a home made utility trailer can range from factory perfect to I'm amazed that it is still following you. Licencing, lights and weight are the most common problems encountered by enforcement personnel at the roadside. With a little thought and knowledge you can pull that extra load around safely.

Q&A - Riding in the Back of a Pickup Truck

Q&A ImageI just wanted to check - is it legal to have adult passengers ride in the back/box of a pickup truck while driving in BC, and are there any restrictions, i.e. Highways etc?

Q&A - Driving With One Arm in a Sling

Q&A ImagePlease can you tell me if driving a car with uninjured LEFT arm crossing body to work gear stick, (NOT automatic car) and WITHOUT a suicide knob fitted, with one's arm in a sling due to separated shoulder Level 3, IS IT ILLEGAL? ICBC seem to think it is OK to do. I think it is another accident waiting to happen. Please help, people need to know.

CASE LAW - R v Alexander

BC Courts Coat of ArmsBrian Alexander was stopped for excessive speeding in Kamloops, B.C. He was issued a traffic ticket for excessive speed and police attempted to impound his vehicle for seven days as required by the Motor Vehicle Act. Mr. Alexander responded that he had no intention of giving up his vehicle, sat inside it and refused to get out when required to do so by the officer.

Q&A - Can I Wear Headphones While Driving?

Q&A ImageAre you allowed to wear headphones or earphones while driving a vehicle in British Columbia?

Q&A - For Sale? How?

Q&A ImageWe are selling one of our cars this spring, actually its a westfalia van. Right now it's parked in our driveway with For Sale signs up in the windows. I understand that it can't be parked on any highway (streets) and I need the owners permission to park it anywhere else (I have permission to park it in the parking lot at work beside a busy street).

Q&A - Noise From Vehicles

motorcycleWhat amount of noise is allowed to come from a motorcycle? Does the same limit apply to cars?

RESOURCE - AAA Digest of Motor Laws

AAA LogoLearn about the common driving laws in the North American states and provinces before you go! This wonderful driving resource used to be available only as a paper book. Now it is available on line through the courtesy of the American Automobile Association for all to use. Planning on travel by vehicle?

Q&A - OK to Produce Photocopy of Driver's Licence?

Q&A ImageI go to the gym in the evenings and I don't like carry my wallet with me or leaving it in the car as my car got broken into a few years ago so I usually don't carry my drivers licence with me but I have a photo copy with me just when I go to the gym.

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