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RESOURCE - Transportation Planning Blog

Surveyor AheadThis is a blog with great potential. It appears to be very recently created by a gentleman named Roy, a BC resident, and is intended to be a resource on transportation planning. Hopefully he will also blog about the transportation planning issues that he encounters in his job. This is the only BC based blog of its kind that I am aware of.

Q&A - Vehicles Billowing Smoke

Q&A ImageFrom time to time in Metro Vancouver I end up driving behind a vehicle that is billowing exhaust fumes that cause me to gag in my vehicle. This happened to me yesterday in Surrey BC when I was behind a red Honda Civic with a BC license plate.

I wrote down the date, time, location and vehicle make, model, colour and license plate.

Q&A - Need to Change Court Date - Again

Q&A ImageHow many times will the courts allow a case to be posponed?  I am fighting an elleged excessive speeding ticket.

My lawyer was unable to attend the first date due to scheduling conflict.  Now my lawyer has moved on and I need another lawyer.  Will the courts allow a second date to be posponed.  Next date is approx 1 month from now.

Q&A - Remove Handicapped Parking Permit When Driving

Q&A ImageI understood from the information when receiving my permit that it was against the law to drive with the permit hanging from the rear view mirror. I see so many people doing this and would like confirmation that this is not permitted.

Coloured Fuel

Gas NozzleIf you visit a service station in a farming area of BC you may see a fuel pump with the legend of marked or coloured fuel. Look a little closer and you will find the price to be lower than normal regular fuel. Don't be tempted to fill your tank with it unless you are specifically authorized to use coloured fuel as the penalties may be significant.

REPORT - Health Impacts of Traffic Mishaps and Opportunities for Road Safety

VIHA LogoBetween 2001 and 2008, more than 5,600 VIHA residents were hospitalized and 443 died a result of transport - related motor vehicle events. More people die at a young age from transport - related collisions involving motor vehicles than any other injury - related cause of death.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Three MonkeysAs a parent, I know that children will do things that they are not supposed to, even after you caution them not to and explain what the consequences might be for disobeying. It takes effort and a sense of responsibility to follow up and make sure that the rules are followed.

The Courtesy Wave

Courtesy WaveHave you ever pulled up to an intersection and found another driver who has the right of way waving you on? Such acts of courtesy are uncommon on our highways but thankfully are not unheard of. Who would guess that such an act of kindness could actually expose the driver extending the courtesy to risk?

Leaving Your Vehicle Unsecured

Lock CarRecent social media posts are rehashing a story from last summer in Nanaimo where a woman received a traffic ticket for leaving her parked vehicle unattended with the doors unlocked and the windows rolled down.

How Wide? How Long? How High?

Measuring TapeHow Wide? How Long? How High? These questions, when asked in relation to vehicles and their loads, probably bring large commercial vehicles to mind for most drivers. The Commercial Transport Regulations do set out the maximum dimensions for commercial vehicles and their loads. The Motor Vehicle Act Regulations take a legal short cut and apply them and some other provisions to light vehicles too.

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