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Complaints Anonymous - A Traffic Violator Database Proposal

GrumpyI never know what I will find when I check the DriveSmartBC e-mail in-box. Today’s gem came from someone who identifies themself as Grumpy and suggested that they were thinking that maybe I could use the web site to contain a database such that when a bad driver is witnessed, the public could enter the details of the driving offence. No personal information need be provided.

Q&A - Feeling Threatened by Another Driver

Q&A ImageI am a female and today when I was driving home alone I felt very threatened by another driver. He cut me off - I let it go. He drove 30 mph - I drifted back and gave him space. Then when it came time for me to turn off the road - he stopped (I was behind him turning) and followed me. I did not want him to see where I lived so I continued to the shopping mall, a public place..

Slow Down, Breathe Easier

ExhaustI’m in a world of mixed messages. Some are real, some are emotional, some are false and some come from the government. The one that I would like to tackle here might be a bit odd for DriveSmartBC but the consequences could be related back to safety. I’m thinking about travel speed and fuel economy because the faster you go, the more it costs, probably in more ways than one.

Q&A - Does a Good Driving Record Count in Traffic Court?

Q&A ImageLast week I received my first ticket in 41 years of driving. I had recently started driving taxi part time in Nanaimo. At the end of a 9 hr shift I dropped the taxi off and got into my own car. Five minutes later I went through a school zone without slowing down, having missed the school zone sign.

This was ironic because I had been slowing down for school zones all day but became complacent after finishing work.

Q&A - Defendant Changes Their Mind on the Plea Agreement

Q&A ImageI sat in court to see what it is like in traffic court as I have never been to one before. I noticed that on many occasions, the officer would take the defendants outside of the courtroom to speak to them about their plea to the court. 

Q&A - Bumper and Headlight Heights

Q&A ImageI have done some of my own research but all the info I've found is from years ago, and I'm curious if laws have changed.

I'm in the process of buying a suspension lift for my vehicle and was curious of bumper height and headlight height requirements so I can remain legal.

NEWS - Electric Vehicles in HOV Lanes

HOV DecalEffective March 1, 2016 qualifying hybrid and electric vehicles with a permit and displaying an approval decal will be able to use HOV lanes on BC highways even when the required number of passengers is not met unless a sign is posted stating otherwise.

Q&A - Using My Driveway to Turn Around

Q&A ImageQUESTION: I was hoping if someone could point me in the direction of any laws on cars using private driveways to turn around. I have many cars using my driveway to do two-point turns to change directions and it's driving me a bit crazy. One car nearly hit my daughter who was in the driveway having just got out of my car.

What We Think We Know

BrainI find the interaction that I have with others on the subject of driving and traffic laws very interesting. Some people illustrate their points with incorrect information, some find that even after years of driving they don't have basic knowledge and I am always learning something new for myself. It's definitely beneficial to me and I hope that I am helping others by writing these articles.

VIDEO - Why You Need to Clean ALL the Snow Off Your Vehicle

video iconIt's easy to be lazy and just clean the windows of your vehicle in snowy weather. Leaving a little light snow to blow off isn't a big deal. However, when the snow is left there and turns into ice, the result of having a chunk of it blow off at speed can be serious. In this video a large chunk shatters the windshield of the vehicle following behind. Imagine what it might have done to an unlucky pedestrian.

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