New Drivers

Information regarding new drivers and the Graduated Licencing Program.

Q&A - Young Drivers & Penalty Points

New Driver Signs 2011Hello I am a novice driver and I was ticketed recently for speeding. I am just curious to learn more about the demerit point system and how it works. My main question is what is the penalty for having to many demerit points and what are the consequences?

Q&A - Driving without Consideration Ticket

New Driver Signs 2011My 18 year old son finally got his N on March 11/15.  He was involved in an accident on March 30/15  - he was traveling down a narrow roadway and had a momentary lapse in concentration (no phones/other people in the car) and the front tire of his car clipped the front tire of a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction - neither car was travelling at any great rate of speed - no ones airbags deployed.

Q&A - Prohibition Review

RESEARCH - Drug Impaired Driving Among Candian Teens

TIRF New LogoParents must discuss the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs with their teenagers. Currently 36.6% of teen fatalities tested positive for alcohol and 39.2% tested positive for drugs. In this context drugs include illegal, over the counter and prescription drugs. Cannabis was by far the most prevalent substance, with 28.6 per cent of fatally-injured drivers testing positive for it. The trend is downward for alcohol and upward for drugs.

Q&A - L Sign With a Class 5L Licence?

Q&A ImageI am 32 year old with a driving experience of more than 10 years from India. Currently I am a Learners license holder for class 5. I have been told by one of the driving schools that I need to display the 'L' sign on my car while I drive with a supervisor.

I confirmed with ICBC driving licensing office that I have no restriction on my license except that I need a qualified supervisor.

Q&A - Operating an LSM with Class 7L

New Driver Signs 2011I just bought a 50 cc scooter and was really hoping you could help me with two questions. It is a 2003 Yamaha BWS. First, can I drive it with my Learners license? I am turning 16 in a week, and know many people who ride them around with they're L, or so they say, but I can't find any for sure legislation. Second, can I take two people with my L?

Electronic Device Use for Class 7 and 7L Drivers

New Driver Signs 2011Can we all agree that driving while distracted is a bad thing? Probably. Would we also consider that this would be more important for an inexperienced driver than a practiced one? Very likely. Did you know that our laws concerning the use of electronic devices while driving actually reflect this thought? Surprise!

Q&A - I Was Not Stunting

New Driver Signs 2011I was driving my parents car a few days ago it is a Mustang and I got it impounded for 7 days. The police officer accused me of doing a burnout, revving the engine and fishtailing. Not once did i rev my engine or do a burnout I do admit to fishtailing. The fishtailing was not intentional at all, my traction control and everything was on, it just happened.

Q&A - Starting Over With an N

New Driver Signs 2011HI there, I've been impressed reading some of your Q&A questions, I think you are a good responder, esp for young people.

Q&A - Alberta Learner Moved to BC

New Driver Signs 2011i have my alberta learners license and have had it for 9 years now... i moved back to bc a couple months ago i was wondering will i have to apply for my bc learners license before i can take the drivers test or will i be fine just how i am?? ifi do have to apply for my bc learners am i going to have to have it for the designated time before i can take the test??

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