New Drivers

Information regarding new drivers and the Graduated Licencing Program.

Q&A - Will a Collision Affect My "N"?

New Driver Signs 2011I got into a car accident by rear ending someone but the damage was basically a minor "fender bender", just minor damage to their license plate and mine. I just fell  asleep for one or two seconds while slowly moving through heavy traffic after a long day at school. I was also driving with my N license and my question is, would  anything happen to my license after this incident?

Sleep, Text, Be Impaired & Supervise a New Driver

New Driver Signs 2011Every once in a while a visitor to DriveSmartBC will pose a question that makes me go “hmm...” This week brought one of those moments with the query “Does a driver supervisor have to be sane?” Without thinking, my response was that of course a supervisor would have to be sane, but after I thought about it, the only thing that a supervisor requires is a minimum age and a valid driver's licence.

Q&A - Does Your Supervisor Have to be Sane?

New Driver Signs 2011I'm just wondering if there is something in writing that states that the person who is being the supervising passenger, that is of age and holds a valid licence, is also required to be of sound mind and body. This meaning, specifically, that if the supervising passenger is drunk and unable to drive, they can still technically be the valid passenger, and the person with the "L" can still drive them home.

Q&A - Novice Driver & Impaired Driving

New Driver Signs 2011Hi, I am a 17 yr old high school student. I live in British Columbia. I have a novice driver's license and I got pulled over when I was drunk. I blew a fail and got a 90 days suspension. I also have to pay more than $1700.

my question is where do they expect me to get that kind of money? I am only a high school student and my parents were not helping me since I was in grade 10.

Q&A - Older GLP Driver Issue

New Driver Signs 2011I reported to police regarding an L driver on driving by himself and ok occasion with his kids in the car. I was then contacted by the police and told that the driver is not violating any motor vehicle act. However, under the new driver licensing, an L driver has to be accompanied by a licensed driver and limited to only 1 passenger. He drives his 3 kids with him.

Q&A - Driving without Consideration Ticket

New Driver Signs 2011My 18 year old son finally got his N on March 11/15.  He was involved in an accident on March 30/15  - he was traveling down a narrow roadway and had a momentary lapse in concentration (no phones/other people in the car) and the front tire of his car clipped the front tire of a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction - neither car was travelling at any great rate of speed - no ones airbags deployed.

Q&A - Prohibition Review

New Driver Signs 2011So I recently got my letter from the superintendent informing me of my unsatisfactory driving record, and that I will be prohibited from driving for 3 months. My first speeding ticket was on April 28th 2014 going 70~km/h in a 60km zone and my second was on Dec 24th, 2014. For my second ticket I was caught going 89km/h in a 50km zone.

RESEARCH - Drug Impaired Driving Among Canadian Teens

TIRF New LogoParents must discuss the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs with their teenagers. Currently 36.6% of teen fatalities tested positive for alcohol and 39.2% tested positive for drugs. In this context drugs include illegal, over the counter and prescription drugs. Cannabis was by far the most prevalent substance, with 28.6 per cent of fatally-injured drivers testing positive for it. The trend is downward for alcohol and upward for drugs.