New Drivers

Information regarding new drivers and the Graduated Licencing Program.

Designated Drivers Must Obey Restrictions

Drivers who are part of B.C.'s Graduated Licencing Program (GLP) are limited to the number of passengers that they are allowed to carry by a restriction on their driver's licence. This restriction is designed to minimize the driver distraction that might be caused by a carload of rambunctious friends. The only exception to this restriction is when the passengers are family members.

Q&A - Passenger Limits When Passengers are Drunk?

New Driver Signs 2011My Friends were at a Christmas party, and had their 20 year old son pick them up at 11:30 to drive them home as they had been drinking. They got stopped in a roadblock and the son got a $311.00 fine for driving with too many people in the car.

He made everyone get out of the vehicle and walk.

Q&A - Qualified Supervisor for GLP

New Driver Signs 2011I'm a class 7N driver which of course has the driving restrictions of 1 passenger only unless with at qualified supervisor 25+. I was wondering if someone 25+ with a valid driver's license from another country (or one from a different province) and international driving permit (IDP) can count towards being a qualified supervisor? Or is it restricted to only BC license?

Alcohol and the Learner Driver Supervisor

New Driver SignsYou may have seen last week's minor media tempest regarding a grandfather who had consumed a few drinks and then hopped into the passenger seat to supervise his grandson, the learner driver. They encountered a police road check and grandpa found himself on the receiving end of an Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) for blowing a fail.

RESEARCH - TIRF Reports on Teenage Driver Fatalities in Canada

TIRF New Logo The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) reports 16 to 19 year old fatally injured drivers, especially males, continue to be over represented when compared with older drivers according to a new analysis of Canadian research published over the last decade.

PHOTOS OF CONCERN - New Driver Signs

cameraThis driver must have attended the Red Green School of Driving. Who else would consider fabricating a New Driver sign out of duct tape? The restriction printed on the back of a new driver's license says that the driver must display "an official new driver sign." Only ICBC furnished signs are acceptable.

Q&A - Will Getting a Ticket Delay my Road Test?

New Driver Signs 2011I have received a ticket for disobeying license instructions over the weekend. I hold a Learners license, which alows me to drive with a supervisor of 25+ and with a valid class 5 license. At the time stopped I did not have a supervisor, and did not have my "L" sign displayed. This is my first offence.

Q&A - Failed Exam but no Sign for Playground Zone

Q&A ImageOur daughter failed her road test due to not reducing her speed to 30km as she drove past a playground.  No signs were present.  The examiner did acknowledge that she did obey the signed school zone.  when she questioned this, the examiner said that regardless of signs, she needed to be aware of her surroundings.  He failed her for speeding.

READING - Rev Online

New Driver SignsRev Online is a publication from the UK aimed at new drivers. It seeks to intertwine young people's enthusiasm for driving with safety messages. Articles include material from celebrities who relate their own driving experiences to readers.

Issue #5 is the first issue of the magazine to be published only on line.

Q&A - My First Speeding Ticket

New Driver Signs 2011I got my first speeding ticket a couple of weeks ago while still on my N. When I first got my N, I was told that the earliest month that I would be able to take the Class 5 test was May or June of this year. However, how will this speeding ticket affect my insurance, driving record, and my right to take the Class 5 test as scheduled? (Other than a couple of parking tickets, my driving record is clean).

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