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READING - Canadian Road Safety News Digest, January 1 to 15, 2014

CARSP LogoThe Canadian Road Safety News Digest is a compilation of traffic safety information from around Canada. The Digest is a publication of the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals and is published semi-monthly.

DriveSmartBC in the News - January 16, 2014

WarningI was quoted in today's edition of the Nanaimo Daily News in the article Not all Agree Speed Limits on Local Highways Should go up.

Tim Schewe, a retired RCMP traffic officer who lives in Nanoose Bay and runs the blog, said increasing speeds makes sense until you consider the abilities of new driver and seniors, whose reaction times are slowing down.

NEWS - Review of Provincial Speed Limits

BC FlagStarting next month the public will be invited to comment on a speed limit review for provincial highways. This will be combined with a technical review that is already underway and will also look at how to reduce the risk of wildlife-related crashes on rural provincial highways, and how to best ensure the safe movement of slower vehicles.

NEWS - Immediate Roadside Prohibition to Return

BC FlagThe Minister of Justice has announced that amendments are being made to the Motor Vehicle Act to facilitate the return of the Immediate Roadside Prohibition for drivers who blow a fail on an approved screening device at the roadside.

NEWS - Changes to Motorcycle Safety Laws

BC FlagThe Minister of Justice announced changes to the Motor Vehicle Act affecting motorcycle helmets and motorcycle passengers. Effective June 1, 2012 all motorcycle riders who are not exempt will have to wear an approved motorcycle helmet that bears approval markings showing that they comply with established standards.

NEWS - CPSAC is Building a Strong Presence on Vancouver Island

Booster SeatWhen Jen Shapka moved to Vancouver Island last summer, she was keen to continue volunteering her child passenger safety skills to help parents and caregivers properly install and use their car seats. There was very little happening in her town, however, and after looking north and south for an agency to volunteer with, found lots of parents with questions, but nobody offering answers.

NEWS - BCAA Road Safety Foundation's New Web Site

BCAA RSF logoThe BCAA Road Safety Foundation has amalgamated with the main BCAA web site. The Road Safety area provides information on these topics: Drivers, Child Passenger Safety, School Safety, Professionals and Resources. Of particular interest is the Drivers section with information aimed specifically at teen drivers, parents of teen drivers, older drivers and medically at risk drivers.

NEWS - Flashing Purple Lights for Funeral Processions

purple flashing lightIn the past a closely spaced procession of slow moving vehicles with headlights on in the daytime usually meant a funeral. Today's daytime running lights make it difficult to decide if a line of vehicles is a funeral procession or not. The lead and final official funeral vehicles may use a flashing purple light when in procession.

NEWS - LED Warning Signs Improve Highway Safety

TranBC logoAn LED sign system has been installed on a sharp curve on the Skagit Bluffs area of Highway 3 about 40 km west of Hope. The curve is the site of repeated collisions due to drivers that fail to slow sufficiently. A warning sign lights up when the driver exceeds the posted speed by more than 10 km/h and the arrow delineators are constantly lit as well.

NEWS - Use of Alternative Traction Devices

MOTI BannerIn January 2011 CVSE announced that an alternative to conventional tire chains was now being allowed in British Columbia for commercial vehicles. The bulletin said that the use of pneumatic automatically deployed tire chains for commercial vehicles will fulfill the requirements of section 208 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

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