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Wrong Way on Divided Highways

Do Not Enter SignIt is fortunate that this type of collision is relatively rare because the consequences are severe. I am speaking of driving the wrong way on a divided highway or freeway. We received about one complaint a month when I was working on Central Island Traffic Services in Parksville.

A Happy Story about Older Drivers

Smiley FaceThank you to everyone who responded to my request for a positive topic to write about!

I heard from both a driving school instructor and a senior on this one, which is the idea that many older drivers take their driving responsibilities very seriously. So seriously in fact, that some choose to stop driving through their own choice rather than because they are forced to.

RESEARCH - Older Drivers, Safe or Unsafe?

Senior DriverThis study, commissioned by the Institute of Advanced Motorists in the United Kingdom, examines the increasing population of senior drivers in our society and their serious incident crash rates on UK highways. The analysis compares the crash circumstances of car drivers aged 60 and over with those aged 50–59 (the safest age group).

Night Driving Glasses

Night Driving GlassesI've had a couple of regular correspondents ask me recently about night driving glasses. These glasses have yellow lenses and are supposed to cut glare and increase contrast allowing you to see better in the darkness. After a bit of research, it appears that using these glasses is not a good idea.

Q&A - Time for a Parent to Stop Driving

Q&A ImageMy family has tried several tactics to have my mothers driver's license pulled, however, the authorities we have dealt with don't seem to want to deal with her. She is 75 years old, has health issues which cause her to pass out sometimes, and has had several incidents in her car. She also has a heart condition that her heart only works at 30%.

Mistaking the Gas for the Brake

Senior DriverHow can a driver mistake the gas for the brake? I could not rationalize this explanation after reading another news story where a senior in a parking lot had driven into a building with significant force. Surely the driver must have known that this was going to happen and could have prevented it.

What Happens if You Fail?

senior driver A dear senior friend who was called for a re-examination failed the consequent road test. Our friend has now been issued a learner's permit which requires accompaniment of a fully licensed driver. Question: what is the legal responsibility of said licensed driver?

NEWS - Older Drivers

TIRF LogoOTTAWA, Apr. 2, 2008 /CNW/ – A new poll by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) reveals that Canadians are only moderately concerned about elderly drivers as a safety issue. “We expected more Canadians to be concerned, particularly as the population of elderly drivers is growing and will double in the next 25 years,” says Ward Vanlaar, a research scientist for TIRF.

Senior Driver Re-exams

Senior DriverI am often asked to write on the topic of senior driver re-exams every time there is a crash where an older driver has mistaken the gas for the brake and collided with a building. People are concerned that many members of this easily identified segment of our society shouldn't be on the road.

Dear RoadSafetyBC

RoadSafetyBCWith the tourist season in full swing the traffic flow in our patrol area has increased noticeably. The incidence of really interesting driving behaviours has climbed along with it. Of course, we sit down at coffee and swap stories about what we have seen and shake our heads in amazement. I think I might have heard the best one yet this past weekend.

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