Information related to the parking of vehicles.

Q&A - Too Close to a Stop Sign?

no parking signMy husband was parked on the street and was 8 metres and a bit away from the stop sign, just to the right of the gravel patch shown below. A tow truck was about to tow the car when my husband went to rectify the situation. There was still 2 feet between the car and the 8 meter mark. So he moved his car back a little more just that everyone is happy.

Q&A - Angle Parking in a Cul de Sac

Angle parking signI live in a cul de sac and I have always parallel parked on the street in front of my home. My neighbour is insisting I angle park so that it will allow an additional parking space in front. In my opinion angle parking would be contrary to section 190 of the Motor Vehicle Act. Am I correct or can we angle park in the cul de sac?

Q&A - Imperial Parking Ticket

Q&A ImageI took my brother who holds a valid handicap parking pass to his eye care appointment at 550 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC and had it displayed on my windshield - he is unable to currently drive so I offered to take him and paid over $10.00 in parking fees only to return to my vehicle to find a ticket for either $80.00 or $60 if paid within 7 days.

Q&A - Passenger Zones in Victoria

no parking signI received 5 parking tickets about 2 hours apart each on a work day right outside of my apartment. It is a quiet residential area, and I parked at the curbside where it stated residential parking. I was told by my building manager that it is okay to park there. What I found strange is a section cutoff by a very simple sign states Passenger zone. I have seen my neighbours park there and not got ticketed.

Q&A - Victoria Parking Ticket Dispute

no parking signHi, I recently received a bylaw parking ticket from the city of Victoria. In the disclosure request, one of the pictures I received shows the commissionaires scooter parked in violation of a yellow line. I looked in the bylaw but did not see specific exemption, similar to what emergency vehicle have in the motor vehicle act, allowing the commissionaires to park in violation of the bylaw. Have you heard of this before?