Information related to the parking of vehicles.

Q&A - Blocked my Driveway

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I have a mail box and paper drop at the entrance to my property. A car parked in front of the mail box today blocked my exit as I was backing out I scraped it. Do I have any recourse here based on parking violations?

Q&A - Abuse of Disabled Parking Permits

Q&A ImageI reside in Vancouver and there is a resident (female) in my building, who has a disabled parking pass hanging from her vehicle mirror....The problem that I have with this, is that the permit was for her former husband, who was disabled, and passed away about 2 years ago.

Q&A - Parking Distance From a Bus Stop

Q&A ImageI am a driving student, and I am interested to know what the law is with respect to parking near bus stops. Sometimes there is a bus stop sign as well as a "no stopping before this point" sign about 5 meters after. Other times there is only the bus stop sign. In the latter case, how much space must legally be left between the rear of your car and the bus stop sign?

Q&A - New Westminster Parking Bylaw Dispute

Q&A ImageBylaw 6027 states "No person shall stop or park a vehicle within 2 meters of the nearest edge of the closest sidewalk on an intersecting street." There were no signs along this side of the street.

At adjudication the meaning of terms "closest sidewalk" and "intersecting street" meaning was in dispute.

Q&A - Handicapped Parking Abuse

Q&A ImageI have driven commercially for almost 30 years and I'm (others as well) getting tired of seeing persons parking in handicap spots then reaching into the glove box or other spot to hang a permit in the window and then get out of their car/truck (with no apparent disability) and walk in to the store or mall.

Q&A - Are Parking Boots Legal in BC?

no parking signHello, I don't know if this is the correct place to find this out, or perhaps you could suggest where I could turn, but are parking boots legal in BC? I work for a BC college and we are constantly battling improper parking and as a small campus we do not charge for parking and thus have no enforcement. A suggestion was to buy and start using a parking boot for cars parked illegally or in an unsafe manner.

CASE LAW - Haughian v Jiwa

BC Courts Coat of ArmsIn this case, Kathleen Haughian was proceeding eastbound on Sunset Street east of Smith Avenue in Burnaby, B.C.  Sunset Street in this location consists of two lanes in each direction with angle parking on both sides. The angle parking is toward traffic on the north side and away from traffic on the south side.

Parallel Parking Courtesy

Parallel Parking Only Sign"I can't parallel park!" laments a reader. Although many of us have trouble with this aspect of driving, he didn't make this comment in the way you might think. "The other drivers won't stop to let me back in."

Q&A - Misuse of Emergency Vehicles

Q&A ImageI have a question relating to ambulances. When an ambulance is parked, not in a emergency situation, do they have the right to park anywhere they want to even though they are parked illegally??

Unsecured Vehicles

Lock CarIt is not uncommon to watch a vehicle pull up in the parking lot of a service station or convenience store and watch the driver get out and walk inside, leaving the vehicle unlocked, idling and unattended. What better opportunity for a car thief or joyrider can a person provide? Most people will say "I just went inside for a minute." Just a minute is more than a thief requires to leave you stranded. 

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