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Q&A - What is an Invalid's Chair?

Motorized WheelchairI am wondering who in the government decides what an invalid's chair? I can see that in the Motor Vehicles Act that ICBC decides what is a motor vehicles but it's not clear who determines what constitutes an invalid's chair.

CASE LAW - Hmaied v Wilkinson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsFifteen year old Wiael Hmaied was crossing diagonally across Clarke Road in Port Moody near the Barnett Highway. He was walking against the red light displayed at the nearby intersection, not using a crosswalk, when he dropped his cell phone.

Q&A - Swinging Wide to Pass

Q&A ImageI was walking with a friend on a relatively busy road. (West Crescent)

Q&A - Panhandlers on Medians

Q&A ImageMetro Vancouver has several panhandlers who walk on the raised median in the middle of the roadway soliciting money from occupants of vehicles in the left turn lane waiting to turn at the intersection ahead.

Q&A - Crossing the Freeway on Foot

Pedestrian Crossing SignRecently the Comox Valley Regional District purchased some land – the former railway grade from Royston to Cumberland. It has been used as an unofficial trail in the past, however I wasn’t aware of it. The trail is approximately 5.5 km long. However, part of this trail is on the Cumberland side of the Inland Island Hwy.

Q&A - We Need More Marked Crosswalks

Pedestrian Crossing SignLast week on my daily walk, my friend and I were crossing the old Island Highway at the bottom of Bay Street. It looked like we had a lot of time but oddly a younger aggressive driver actually sped up as we were crossing. It was no where a near miss (or hit depending on perspective) but it made me question that there is no crosswalk for close to a kilometer.

Is it a Crosswalk or a Speed Hump?

Speed HumpA reader observes "I was crossing West Mall at UBC over a speed hump towards the bus stop. A car was driving on West Mall and did not stop. When I showed the driver the white arrows on the pavement, he said that these were speed hump marks, not a crosswalk. I recognize that I might have been wrong assuming it was a pedestrian crosswalk, but then I started thinking, who should have the right of way?"

RESOURCE - BCAA School Safety Patrol Program

School Crossing GuardThe School Safety Patrol Program is a public service provided free of charge to elementary schools by the BCAA. Part of the CAA's School Safety Patrol Program it is recognized as an outstanding initiative for reducing injuries and deaths among 5-12 year olds.

The Prudent Pedestrian & The Diligent Driver

Pedestrian CrossingOver the five years ending with 2012 B.C. saw an average of 2,300 pedestrian involved collisions with 2,400 injuries and 60 fatalities. Almost 42% of these were aged 61 or over. Males tend to be involved more often with 35 deaths each year compared to 25 female deaths.

Q&A - Rules for Scooters

Covered ScooterMy father is buying an electric scooter.  He is wanting to know if there are any driving regulations that he should be aware  of including;

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