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VIEWPOINT - Enforcement Should Target High Crash Locations

SoapboxJust perused an interesting map, it shows the location of crashes in our area. We have a difference of opinion as to the RCMP and their use of speed traps and were both entitled to this and I always respect others opinions.

VIEWPOINT - Targetting Little Old Ladies Going to Church

SoapboxAfter just coming back from a trip I thought I would see what you have to say about an issue that has been bugging me for some time. One can not drive very far without encountering one of what I call the crazies. The driver who drives like a fool, way too fast for either weather or road conditions, passing when its not safe, Etc. Etc.,and generally putting everyone in his or her path at risk.

No Laser, No Radar, is the Ticket Valid?

gavel imageI was issued a ticket for Speed Against a Municipal Sign for driving over 30km/hr in a playground zone. The officer had no laser and no radar; she flagged me over, saying "The speed limit here is 30--you were not doing 30." I can't say whether I was doing 31 or 51; my best guess based on the location I was pulled over would be somewhere between 30-40. What does the law say surrounding this?

Determining Vehicle Speed from Yaw Marks

Yaw Striations in Tire MarkWhen a vehicle is in yaw it is rotating around a vertical axis through it's center of mass. The long, curved Y shaped marks left by the tires on the pavement were characteristic of this motion. If they were striated and of constantly diminishing radius they were of great interest for collision reconstruction because the vehicle's speed could be determined from them.

Q&A - Vehicle Inspection Order Questions

Q&A ImageI am wondering if you could shed some light on my situation, I own a 1990 Nissan 240sx, that usually gets 1-3 VI's a year, usually box 1's but the occasional box 2.

VIEWPOINT - Traffic Cops are Not Benefactors

SoapboxI would be interested in your comments about the excellent contributed article on Castanet yesterday with respect to the devious and underhanded methods that the RCMP employ in ferreting out individuals for traffic violations.

OPINION - Traffic Policing is Important for Safe Neighbourhoods

Blue Line LogoIn some municipalities firefighters are attending collisions instead of the police. I've never felt comfortable with this decision for a number of reasons but even our government has joined in by removing the requirement to report collisions to the police. Morley Lymburner, publisher of Blue Line Magazine, a Canadian trade publication for the police writes on the subject.

Q&A - Does Driving Without Insurance Mean an Immediate Impound?

Ticket WriterWhen a person is stopped for no insurance in BC, no matter where, is the car immediately impounded? Are there any exemptions? The reason I asked is: my employee said he got stopped for expired plates on the car he was driving, but the RCMP officer in Courtenay told him just to park it, even though the ICBC insurance had expired a week earlier.

Q&A - Officer not Witnessing Violation

Q&A ImageWhen I tried to pass a car on the right in a one lane street, the car I was trying to pass hit my rear bumper on the left side.

VIEWPOINT - Wasting my Time

SoapboxThis AM I submitted a drivers complaint to the local RCMP with a statement and diagrams showing where the incident took place. Well, they called me back telling me they had contacted the driver re the complaint and decided to give her a warning as she did have a clean driving record, and the constable said she apologized.

My thought was she had a clean driving record, probably because she has not been caught.

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