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Good Cop, Bad Cop!

Good Cop, Bad CopI want you to focus your energies on the reckless behaviour of many police officers. I realize that not all of them behave this way but it is a significant number of them. Many of them don't seem to respect the traffic laws. Where do they get this attitude from?

Military Police Powers

Military Police FlashWhat powers do military police have to enforce traffic laws?

Every once in a while someone asks me a question that I am just not prepared for. This is one of them, so I went directly to the experts and consulted the Military Police at CFB Comox.

Speeding and Aggressive Driving

Angry DriverHave you heard the following slogans in the last few weeks? "Breathe - Tailigating won't help. Give yourself time and space to react. Keep your distance." and "Chill. So you're running behind. Better to arrive late than not at all. Please slow down."

No More Speed Traps

Radar TrapDepending on which side of the fence you are on, this pronouncement from Inspector Norm Gaumont who is the head of Traffic Services for the RCMP in British Columbia has certainly caused comment. Of all the sections in the Motor Vehicle Act, those that set the speed limit are certainly held in the most contempt by the drivers I see during my patrols.

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