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RESOURCE - Check For Stolen Vehicles

CPIC LogoHave you ever wondered if a vehicle was stolen but didn't want to call the police to find out? Now you can use the same search tool that the police do with your own home computer and internet connection! Simply visit the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) web site and search for stolen vehicles by VIN. If the vehicle is in the CPIC database as stolen you'll know.

What Does a Traffic Cop do?

Traffic CopCorrect me if I'm wrong, but I think that most people see a traffic cop as someone who writes speeding tickets and fills out collision reports. This is a very narrow view of the job but I did not realize just how narrow it was until I participated in a project to define my job as a front line RCMP traffic constable. Who would have thought that this would take us three days?

Making a Driving Complaint to Police

TelephoneDo you ever find yourself wishing that the police were there when another driver does something dangerous around you in traffic? Should you just carry on or is it worth becoming involved?

Speed from Skidmarks

skidmarksTire marks left on the pavement at a collision scene tell the investigator many things about the events involved in a motor vehicle collision. One of the more interesting involves the calculation of pre-collision speed. Even more interesting was the opportunity to teach it to a class of physics students at a Qualicum Beach high school.

Stopping for Police

Police CarJudging by the result, it may be a significant event in many driver's lives to be pulled over by the police. I've seen everything from jamming on the brakes and stopping in the middle of the lane to following oblivious drivers for many kilometers before they caught sight of my emergency lights.

Good Cop, Bad Cop!

Good Cop, Bad CopI want you to focus your energies on the reckless behaviour of many police officers. I realize that not all of them behave this way but it is a significant number of them. Many of them don't seem to respect the traffic laws. Where do they get this attitude from?

Reporting Traffic Violations

TelephoneAs a commuter, I would really like to see the article written about what to do when we see a commercial transport vehicle that is driving in an unsafe manner re-appear in the column. You gave us a phone number to call that specifically relates to tractor trailers, and who to call when we witness a driving infraction.

Military Police Powers

Military Police FlashWhat powers do military police have to enforce traffic laws?

Every once in a while someone asks me a question that I am just not prepared for. This is one of them, so I went directly to the experts and consulted the Military Police at CFB Comox.

Patrolling Intersections

IntersectionWe would like to know why intersections are not patrolled as often as highways. Looking at the propensity of drivers to run yellow and red lights, it appears to us that intersections pose a much greater and possibly deadlier risk than speeding on a straight stretch of highway. This reader is certainly correct on one point, intersections are one of the deadliest places on B.C. highways.

Police Powers

Police OfficerIf you are stopped by the police, just what is it that the officer is entitled to do? This is a simple enough question, and one that I'm not sure that many drivers and their passengers have stopped to consider. Now that we have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, does a driver have to do anything at all?

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