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Q&A - Disputing No Front Licence Plate Ticket

Q&A - No Speed Enforcement at Mirror Lake

Q&A ImageI have been a property owner in Mirror Lake BC for over 5 years & have yet to see any speeding related citations being created here. Hwy 31 at Mirror lake is posted 50 kmh but rarely see anyone obeying the speed limit.

Q&A - When Is A Bus Not A Bus?

Q&A ImageSo yesterday around 5:00 pm, I'm heading from home to Vancouver to pick up some passengers at U.B.C. and drive them to Surrey.

Q&A - IRSU & The Malahat Drive

Q&A ImageRather than try and tie together many comments in disparate places places around this site, I will make a topic here about the Capital Regional District Integrated Road Safety Unit (CRD IRSU) and the Malahat Drive portion of Highway 1 for user Phil:

I contacted the CRD IRSU via their Twitter account (@CRDIRSU) and learned the following about speed enforcement activity on the Malahat by them:

Q&A - Illegal Sale of Coloured Fuel

Q&A ImageA local gas station has marked fuel and is allowing people to fill vehicles even though it is not for farming purposes or for boats. I know this is not legal. What action needs to be be taken to stop this?

Q&A - Moving to BC from Ontario

Q&A ImageHi there! We are moving to BC and I need account as I need advice for my 1001 quesions :)

1. What to prepare to get quickly a BC license as I need to register a vehicle

Q&A - N Driver for Supervisor

New Driver Signs 2011My girlfriend's younger brother recently got his L license. My girlfriend and I both have our N license.

Q&A - Logging Trucks in Residential Areas

Q&A ImageAre the drivers of these masive trucks carring large and very heavy logs taught in their Commerical Vehicle Driving School how important it is ( or should be ) that they obey the road signs perticulary in Residental areas . Judging by what I see in my small community sometimes plagued  by these noisy vehicles I think not .

Q&A - Collision Statistics - Which Ones to Track?

Q&A ImageI noticed that Transport Canada reports serious injuries and the trend, as with fatal injuries, is down ward for the past 2 decades This is good news, if the numbers are accurate.

Traffic fatalities in BC had been trending down ward to 2013, but the number of casualty injuries has been increasing.

The number of casualty injuries in BC is many time higher than the serious injuries reported for all of Canada.

Q&A - When was a Law or Regulation Enacted?

Q&A ImageLooking at the MVA / MVAR, does "[en. B.C. Reg. 476/98, s. 2.]" (for example) indicate that at least the latest version of this law was enacted in 1998?  Is there any way to see the history of a particular entry - when it was created, where it's been changed, etc.?

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