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Q&A - Drivers Visiting BC From Other Countries

New BC LogoI had the pleasure of visiting British Columbia in late January to visit my son who was on a school exchange in Northern BC.

As I have been a Road safety consultant and designer of road safety campaigns I was wondering if there are any statistics available on Tourist Accidents in the BC area and are there resources available to address this at all as I would be interested in gathering this information.

Q&A - Enforcement of Excessive Noise From Vehicles

Q&A ImageI'm flabbergasted that motorcycles with loud exhausts seem to be the "sacred cows" of our highways and byways.  I recently spent about 18 hours working at a jobsite immediately adjacent to Harvey Avenue near Pandosy Street, during two sunny days of spring weather.  The number of loud motorcycles (and "jacked-up" diesel 4 x 4's trucks) that constantly hammered their throttles, was

Q&A - Turning Left on an Amber Light

Q&A ImageI would like to have a clarification on how to do a left turn on amber light. At a big intersection with a green light, a vehicle is on a complete stop waiting for a safe gap to do a left turn.

Q&A - Smart Cars and the HOV Lane

Q&A ImageI own a smart car and was wondering what the rule is when it comes to using a HOV lane. Technically, it is half the length of a standard car, so I was wondering when the minimum number of passengers is 2, if this would mean one for me.

Q&A - Does Driving Without Insurance Mean an Immediate Impound?

Ticket WriterWhen a person is stopped for no insurance in BC, no matter where, is the car immediately impounded? Are there any exemptions? The reason I asked is: my employee said he got stopped for expired plates on the car he was driving, but the RCMP officer in Courtenay told him just to park it, even though the ICBC insurance had expired a week earlier.

Q&A - Planning to be a Responsible Host

Counter Attack LogoI’m planning a Wedding Reception (Outdoor) for my nephew and his wife in Mid July. There will be about 200 people coming from all over BC, Alberta and Manitoba. I’d like to offer them some transportation with reference to “Drinking and Driving”. I’m sure most if not all my guests are responsible drivers but again I just want to be sure they have a safe ride home.

Q&A - Riding Motorcycles and Bicycles Side by Side

Q&A ImageRecently there have been a couple articles regarding bicycles and motorcycles riding side by side. To the best of my knowledge this is not illegal for the motorbike but when the bicycle does it and encroaches into the traffic lane. Because the bike is unable to maintain, in most cases the same speed as a motor vehicle this makes it a huge hazard but I don’t know or remember if this is illegal.

Q&A - Changing Lanes In an Intersection

Q&A ImageToday I was almost in a traffic collision. I was turning right and people across the intersection were turning left. The street we were turning onto had two lanes either side of the centre. I assumed all of the people turning left would end their turn in the left-most lane because they were turning out of the only left turn lane and I was taught you shouldn't change langes in an interection.

Q&A - Novice Driver Crashes, Then Drinks and is Suspended by Police

Q&A ImageI have a question and after reading some of your articles, you may be the one to clarify this for me. My son, who is a novice driver in GLP of BC, was in an accident here on Vancouver Island. He was the only one involved, going into the ditch but sustained a large 2" gash on his chin, right down to the bone.

Q&A - Disputing a Red Light Ticket

Q&A ImageI got a traffic ticket for not stopping at a red light. However, I believe that I entered the intersection before the signal turned to red. There was no camera to support this charge.

I did not stop because my car was accelarated, I believed stopping would cause a more dangerous situation. Also, it was difficult to make a clear judgement because the situation was urgent.

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